Green Drinks: Mapping Food Sharing Landscape in Singapore

This month’s Green Drinks event is on mapping the food sharing landscape in Singapore. We are happy to co-host this session with Foodscape Collective.
Invited speaker
Monika Rut is a PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. She is part of Sharecity, a five-year research project funded by the European Research Council, which identifies and examines the diverse practices of urban food sharing that use information and communication technologies to mediate their sharing. She is currently a visiting researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore.
Mapping Food Sharing Landscape in Singapore
About this talk
The sharing of food is a longstanding feature of human civilisation, both as a mechanism through which sustenance is secured and as a means to cement social relations.
As a social practice, food sharing has evolved through centuries, from the viscerality of food sharing in subsistence societies and experiences of care and conviviality in kinship networks, to engagement with emerging forms of digitally mediated food sharing that facilitate connections between strangers building new communities.
Long recognized as a symbol of solidarity and communality in food sovereignty and right to the city movements through the development of community food commons, contemporary food sharing has evolved to include food sharing apps, social media platforms, and new forms of social connectedness arising from shared activities around food growing, food consumption and food waste. As such, contemporary food sharing inhabits a dynamic landscape where actors connect through different forms of interaction and exchange including collecting, gifting, bartering and monetary transactions.
Monika’s talk will offer an introduction to the SHARECITY research project, which seeks develop deeper theoretical understanding of contemporary food sharing, generate comparative international empirical data about urban food sharing activities, assess the impact of food sharing, and explore how food sharing in cities might evolve in the future.
The talk will conclude with an ongoing reflection on the theory and practice of ethnographies of everyday food sharing in Singapore.
Date: 29 June 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Workcentral, Singapore Shopping Centre, Level 6 (Brewhouse), 190 Clemenceau Avenue
Admission: Free (contributions to society accepted)
RSVP: Via Facebook or email
See you there!

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