Trash-Sure Sculpture unveiled at Gardens by the Bay

For the next three years, this upcycled art sculpture will be situated at the SG50 lattice at Gardens by the Bay. Made entirely out of trash from Singapore, this 10×7 metre sculpture of the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger was created by world renowned street artist, Bordalo II.

Trash-Sure is a nationwide campaign that uses art to narrate sustainability. With two billion tonnes of trash discarded globally on an annual basis, our waste contributes significantly and rapidly to carbon emissions. This sculpture highlights the urgency of the climate crisis we are facing and serves as a reminder of the need for conservation and biodiversity. Bordalo II has more than 240 art pieces in more than 20 countries, with this tiger being his largest upcycled sculpture in Asia.

The launch of Trash-Sure was presented by UBS and enterprise partner Ho Bee Land, and supported by venue partner Gardens by the Bay, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, the Singapore Tourism Board, the Adplanet Group and NGOs including World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore.

The trash was collected by the Adplanet Group, UBS employees and Ho Bee Land’s construction partner. Trash items include end of life materials such as plastic hoses, car fenders, roofs, doors, tires, aircon vents, road dividers, traffic cones, huge water containers, trash bins, portable loos, plastic trays, luggage, trolleys, toys and parts of children’s playgrounds.

Something to look out for in the latter part of this year is an art competition titled ‘Art of Trash’, where students in Singapore can enter by upcycling waste materials to create sculptures.

In the meantime, do check out this wonderful sculpture. For more information on Trash-Sure, visit their website!

About Artist Bordalo II
Bordalo II is a world renowned artivist from Portugal. Bordalo II creates stunning three-dimensional sculptures out of the debris of our overconsumeristic and materialistic society. Larger than life, his masterpieces serve to remind us that there is too much wastage because of our excessive and inconsiderate economic and social behaviors. His art form has a purpose –to powerfully communicate that trash can be reused and recycled. Tires, fan covers, fishing nets, tennis balls, syringes –there are just a few of the many discarded materials repurposed on his installations. As street art, the installations of Bordalo II also raise the alarm on our wasteful habits out in public to tackle issues on pollution and its effects on wildlife.


Launching today: 3M Inspire Challenge 2022

3M today launches the 3M Inspire Challenge 2022! Open to undergraduates from all disciplines and backgrounds, prizes include up to US$7,000 in cash prizes and internships at local 3M offices. Registration and submissions open today, read on to find out more.

From July 15 to November 15, 2022, 3M Inspire Challenge 2022 is on the hunt for the most innovative ideas to create a more positive world and add value to 3M’s business and customers.  

Participants can choose to propose solutions for one of the three themes: (1) Sustainable Materials, (2) The New Paradigm (a pandemic aware world), and (3) Equity (through science and technology).   

The challenge welcomes entries from students regardless of courses of study in Australia and New Zealand, India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

The 3M Inspire Challenge will take place across two stages. The first stage, known as the Country-Level Semi-Finals, will see students face-off against their local peers in a live judging panel on October 26-27, 2022. The winners of this stage will be crowned the title of “Country Champion”, awarded a cash prize of USD$2,000, and internships at local 3M offices. 

The Country Champion will then proceed to the second stage, known as the Regional-Level Finals, to compete against all the Country Champions. The winning team will be crowned “Regional Champions” and walk away with a USD$5,000 cash prize. 
Throughout the challenge, participants will also enjoy access to 3M mentors from diverse backgrounds who will sharpen their ideas in preparation for the Country-Level Semi-Finals and Regional-Level Finals. 

Come reimagine a better world and make your mark in the region. Register for the 3M Inspire Challenge 2022 now.

4-5 June: Next Leaders Summit 2022

Coming soon, the Next Leaders Summit 2022! This is a virtual summit, sign ups close on 31 May. More details below.

Join our online event and be inspired by talks by young leaders in sustainability across Asia and to discuss issues of interest.

Are you interested in starting your own sustainability movement or project?

Connect with fellow aspiring young leaders in sustainability in Asia!

The Asia continent faces unprecedented sustainability challenges in the 21st century due to rapid population growth and urbanisation. There is a need to harness the creativity and passion of a new generation of leaders to chart a new, sustainable and regenerative course for more than 4 billion people on the continent.

NELIS (Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability) is a global network and organisation with people and activities in several countries around the world, dedicated to inspiring and supporting the next generation of leaders to bring about transformation in sustainability.

NELIS’ vision is to inspire one million leaders (OML) in key regions. Following on from similar successful summits and programs organised in Africa (OMLA) and Latin America (OMLATAM), NELIS is now initiating a similar movement in Asia, called OMLAS.

The OMLAS Summit will be followed by the launch of the OMLAS Fellowship program later in the year. The fellowship program is targeted at young professionals in their 20s and 30s who have a keen interest in sustainability and starting initiatives to make changes to their local communities. The goal is to empower one million young, Asian nexgen sustainability leaders by 2030. Seniors who are interested to join as mentors are also welcome.

The OMLAS Summit is jointly organised by NELIS Nepal, NELIS Singapore and NELIS Global.

Date: 4 & 5 June, 2022,
Time: 12:15 to 15:15 JST
Programme & Registration:

21 May 2022: 7th Zero Waste Bootcamp by Secondsguru

Secondsguru have organised another Zero Waste bootcamp, more details below!

If you are looking for an eco+social volunteering opportunity in Singapore, @Secondsguru’s
Zero Waste Bootcamp kickstarting 21 May (Sat) is for you! Targeted at 18-35 yr olds, the
12-week program allows you to:
🌟 Connect with like-minded peers
🌟 Gain skills and knowledge to carry out an eco+social project
🌟 Receive guidance from mentors while working with a local non-profit organization
🌟 Become a #YouthForChange!
Sign up now at !

Want to know about the impact from the past 6 Zero Waste Bootcamps? Head over to

Secondsguru is a social enterprise empowering communities towards greener living.

About Secondsguru
Secondsguru is a young social enterprise [registered with raiSE Singapore] on a mission to
promote eco-awareness. It runs educational talks & workshops, organises community outreach
and publishes resources on With the motto “Green Living. Made Easy.”, it focuses on solutions that make sustainable living a fun, creative and practical goal for all.

Participate in the “Inside Our Wardrobe” survey

City Developments Limited and The Fashion Pulpit are conducting a sustainable fashion survey, more details below.

Inside Our Wardrobe is a wardrobe study that focuses on stripping bare the mainstream narrative of having to buy new clothes to appreciate and understand fashion and style. To understand, evaluate what we wear, own and keep on a deeper level and henceforth begin to relearn our relationship with clothing, we hope you’d join us in participating in this study.

A report will be published at the end of February of 2022 in respect of the data collected, and it will serve to provide insights to the following:
• Different perspectives on what we own and wear
• Understand the content of our wardrobe and the ongoing use of clothing (especially when clothing relationships are largely disposable and neglected because of trend-driven fast fashion)
• What sentimental values do we draw from the clothes we own?
• How to enhance our relationship with clothing and fashion to be more intention-led

Complete the survey here

Photo by Mica Asato from Pexels