For those who have not been able to make it to some of these sessions, we have transcribed or taken notes to share with the public.

Feedback on the National Climate Change Strategy 2012: This document contains input taken from a panel discussion conducted by Green Drinks Singapore on 27.10.2011, in consultation with the National Climate Change Secretariat. Also included are comments contributed by attendees after the discussion.

Highlights from Ria Tan’s talk on the secret shores of Singapore: Ria Tan shared her amazing photographs, anecdotes and deep knowledge of Singapore’s shores at Green Drinks on 29.3.2012. Here are some highlights from that evening.

Analysis and noteworthy points from “GE 2015: Casting a Vote for Environmental Progress”: A collaboration between Green Drinks (Singapore) and PM.Haze, Hemispheres, Sharksavers and Foodscape Collective, which brought members of the public together for a meaningful discussion on environmental issues in relation to political parties and the 2015 general election. This event was held on 3.9.2015.

Singapore’s Food System: A collaboration between Green Drinks (Singapore) and Foodscape Collective, this session looked at food security, food insecurity and food waste. This session took place on 7.11.2018.


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