Highlights from Ria Tan’s talk on the Secret Shores of Singapore

For those who were not able to make our March session of Green Drinks, the event was live-tweeted under the handle @oliviachoong, and here are some of the talking points :

– 1 of the things sea turtles eat. Here’s an exploded balloon. Ria advises against balloon releases: http://t.co/26scwHB0

– S’pore is very small & shores are used for industrial purposes. Flaring happens at refineries. A few days ago there was excessive flaring

– “You must go to check out the Cyrene Reef”. There are sea stars there, they live 70-100 years – Ria Tan of @wildsingapore

– There are many reefs around Singapore, 18-20. A lot of dredging happens, and it’s next to places like Cyrene Reef

– Tanah Merah is alive with marine wildlife. The oil spill hit this place, dispersant was used. “The solution to pollution is dilution”

– Parts of the crude oil spill is still at Tanah Merah, under the sand. Oil was still seen there last month.

– There was a small oil spill in Singapore in January this year, 5000 tonnes.

– Climate change is affecting coral life. There was a mass death at Chek Jawa in 2007.

– Sea stars disintegrated, sponges melted away since 2007. The Chek Jawa we know is no longer there. In May 2010 there was coral bleaching.

– Corals are living on the edge of torrents, so 1 degree celsius affects them very much.

– The worst thing that can happen to shores is reclamation, Sentosa shore lost to Resorts World Sentosa.

– Future plans of Singapore, a train line that goes to Pulau Tekong – http://t.co/QUlmPBMq

– It is easy to write complaints in SG, but how about praising its beauty? People should write in to say how we like things as it is.

– Please join the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore group, Team Seagrass, Blue Water Volunteers.. – http://t.co/HOjJqDQH

– Tan Chuan-Jin did a dive at Raffles Lighthouse recently – http://t.co/FbFhdeXC

– Please visit @wildsingapore to find out about marine life in Singapore, at http://www.wildsingapore.com

– We should write in to the government to say we like Bukit Brown the way it is. -an audience member

– “It does make a difference if you speak up.” – Ria Tan

– “Is it time for a marine conservation act?” – audience member. “Nature Reserve status doesn’t help”

– Lots of implications to reclamation, e.g. Water flow, burying existing habitat for 5m, water quality, etc.

– We don’t vote every 4 years, but everyday. Writing letters really helps. – Ria Tan

– Is there carbon storage potential in marine reefs? – audience. “Blue carbon is a big thing right now…a big sequestor is seagrass..” -Siti (of Team Seagrass)

– “There is a blue carbon report on the @ConservatioOrg website” – Siti

– Getting to Cyrene Reef: There are only 2 private boats that do this. $600 for 10 people, $650 for dolphins, for 12 people.

– There’s a massive biodiversity exhibition this year, beginning at Botanic Gardens, travelling through heartlands. Sponsored by APB – Ria Tan

– Dolphin sightings are once a month – Ria Tan

– The discussion has shifted to Resorts World and dolphins. Jennifer of Project Fin is commenting we keep wildlife in the wild

– We have someone from NEA here, and he’s been asked about pollution. More people are fielding him questions

Image courtesy of wildsingapore

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  3. […] to their workshops happening after the talk. Ria Tan of WildSingapore pointed them my way after her Green Drinks talk. “I Think, I Care, I Act – reflections from 15 years of battling marine trash in […]

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