24 Jan 2018 – INSIGHT Dialogue: The Flipside of Clean Energy

Dear members of the Green Drinks community,

Come down and meet the Channel NewsAsia INSIGHT producer and environmental leaders over some food and drinks.

The event will showcase exclusive behind-the-scenes footage which the INSIGHT team garnered from filming the episode in Japan – offering a better understanding of the condition of Fukushima’s road to recovery and repercussions from the nuclear power plant disaster in 2011.

Various environmental themes from the episode will also be discussed on a panel with distinguished leaders from the green industry and the INSIGHT team.

We hope to encourage a conversation around the search for sustainability and awareness for issues that affect not just Singapore but the world.

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Green Drinks: Economics As If People & Planet Mattered

This month, we are excited to bring you two highly insightful speakers – Julian Wong and Steve McCoy, who have previously given rousing talks at Green Drinks. They are joining us this time to speak about rethinking growth and our economic system, it’s rare to have them in town (and together!), so this one is not to be missed!
This session is supported by Young NTUC.

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Green Drinks: Mapping Food Sharing Landscape in Singapore

This month’s Green Drinks event is on mapping the food sharing landscape in Singapore. We are happy to co-host this session with Foodscape Collective.
Invited speaker
Monika Rut is a PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. She is part of Sharecity, a five-year research project funded by the European Research Council, which identifies and examines the diverse practices of urban food sharing that use information and communication technologies to mediate their sharing. She is currently a visiting researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore.
Mapping Food Sharing Landscape in Singapore
About this talk
The sharing of food is a longstanding feature of human civilisation, both as a mechanism through which sustenance is secured and as a means to cement social relations.
As a social practice, food sharing has evolved through centuries, from the viscerality of food sharing in subsistence societies and experiences of care and conviviality in kinship networks, to engagement with emerging forms of digitally mediated food sharing that facilitate connections between strangers building new communities.
Long recognized as a symbol of solidarity and communality in food sovereignty and right to the city movements through the development of community food commons, contemporary food sharing has evolved to include food sharing apps, social media platforms, and new forms of social connectedness arising from shared activities around food growing, food consumption and food waste. As such, contemporary food sharing inhabits a dynamic landscape where actors connect through different forms of interaction and exchange including collecting, gifting, bartering and monetary transactions.
Monika’s talk will offer an introduction to the SHARECITY research project, which seeks develop deeper theoretical understanding of contemporary food sharing, generate comparative international empirical data about urban food sharing activities, assess the impact of food sharing, and explore how food sharing in cities might evolve in the future.
The talk will conclude with an ongoing reflection on the theory and practice of ethnographies of everyday food sharing in Singapore.
Date: 29 June 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Workcentral, Singapore Shopping Centre, Level 6 (Brewhouse), 190 Clemenceau Avenue
Admission: Free (contributions to society accepted)
RSVP: Via Facebook or email greendrinkssingapore@gmail.com
See you there!

[Event] Green Drinks x Fashion Revolution: Environmental Impacts of Textiles

This month, we are proud to be part of Fashion Revolution Week Singapore, and we have partnered Fashion Revolution SG and Etrican for this special feature on textiles and its environmental impacts. Our speakers this month include Dragos Necula of Etrican, and Anisa Sia Johnny of Raffles College of Higher Education. So what should we be wearing if we wish to tread gently on the earth? Come by and find out if you’re looking for an honest assessment!

Dragos will be addressing the topic of “Textile Sustainability”. He will start by highlighting some of the complexities involved in measuring environmental impact of textiles. He will then give a brief overview of textile classification and terms and will take a closer look at an environmental benchmark of some of the more common fibres in the clothing industry at present. The talk will conclude with a challenge to consider whether textile impact is an adequate measure of apparel sustainability.

Anisa will give a short talk covering the different types of sustainable/ethical fashion brands making a change for good and offer a challenge to the audience in their role as a consumer.

Date: 27 April 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Workcentral, Singapore Shopping Centre, Level 6 (Brewhouse), 190 Clemenceau Avenue.
Admission: Free (contributions to society accepted)
RSVP: Via Facebook or email greendrinkssingapore@gmail.com

See you there!

About Our Speakers
Dragos is co-founder of Etrican, Singapore’s pioneer of eco fashion, a brand that works exclusively with GOTS certified organic cotton. He is also the founder of black and green, a boutique digital marketing agency. He has a keen interest in innovative, sustainability driven business models and is always on the look out for ideas that could benefit society and the environment.

Anisa Sia Johnny is a Marketing & Branding professional who has branched into Academia. Over 15 years experience in the Fashion industry from Brand Management, Retail experience to mentoring fashion start-ups and more. She is currently lecturing in Fashion Marketing & Management at Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore. Her passion for helping creative businesses, fashion entrepreneurship and human centered design gets her out of bed every morning.

About Workcentral
Workcentral is a vibrant, supportive co-working community located centrally on Orchard Road.  With a goal of bettering businesses, we offer flexible work spaces, curated programming and comprehensive business solutions.

Our tight-knit member community ranges from freelance consultants to growing SMEs across a variety of industries. We work closely with them to provide networking opportunities and business services relevant to their needs.

For more informaion, please visit www.workcentral.com.sg or email to: hello@workcentral.com.sg

Exhibition: On Sharks & Humanity at Parkview Museum

The Parkview Museum is currently exhibiting On Sharks & Humanity, which looks at the practice of shark finning and our impact on the oceans. The exhibition runs till 9 September, 2017, admission is free. More details from their press release below.

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5 March: Sustainability Sunday at Serangoon Gardens

Here’s a car-free event you can look forward to at Serangoon Gardens!


SUSTAINABILITY SUNDAY is a community-led road closure initiative to re-imagine Serangoon Gardens as a pedestrian-friendly zone minus the incessant traffic on the first Sunday of March.

Experience the transformation of Farleigh Avenue Carpark (in front of HSBC) into a public street festival space, bustling with activities and workshops to promote sustainable living. Slow down your pace and relax at the chillout area with your loved ones or take the opportunity to catch up with your neighbours and make new friends from the local Serangoon Gardens community over a round of street game or two.

Sustainability Sunday is organised by the residents of Serangoon Gardens under the Streets for People Programme and supported by the amazing event partners and sponsors listed below. Streets for People is a programme by the Urban Redevelopment Authority that supports community-initiated projects to transform our streets into meaningful public spaces.



[By Foodscape Collective]
• Learn about composting and collect (limited) free coffee grounds as fertilisers for your plants.

[By Love Cycling SG]
• Try out the safe cycling mini circuit to build confidence on two wheels and go car-lite.

[By Green Issues by Agy]
• Breathe new life into your old t-shirts by turning them into yarns for crocheting and other uses.

[By Project 33 – a project by Carbon InQ]
• Learn about the foodscape in Singapore and pick up tips on growing and using local herbs and edible plants at home.

[By Tzu Chi volunteers]
• Learn how to make natural cleaner free of harsh chemicals using kitchen discards and other simple ingredients at home.

Indicate interest in events here: https://goo.gl/forms/uaRWeWeOkUCSjVF32


• Exchange 2nd hand books and magazines contributed by Books & Beer at the bookswap corner
• Exchange seeds with fellow green thumbs, kindly contributed by The Tender Gardener, and pick up some tips on growing edible plants at home
• Learn about repair from Repair Kopitiam to combat the buy-and-throw-away culture
• Enjoy street games crafted from recycled materials by EZOO and draw your chalk art masterpieces on the road
• Learn how to recycle properly from Tzu Chi Volunteers
• Learn how to upcycle milk cartons into coin pouches from Blink.a.bottle
• Learn bike commuting and safe cycling tips from LoveCycling SG
• Relax at the chill out area on the ultra comfy doob Bean Bags and free-standing hammocks from Airmocks


doob Bean Bags
The Tender Gardener
Foodscape Collective
Project 33 – a project by Carbon InQ Pte Ltd
Love Cycling SG♥
Repair Kopitiam
Green Issues by Agy
Tzu Chi Volunteers
Books & Beer
Blink.a.bottle (Terra Upcycle)


Any enquiries about the event can be directed to zhenxiong88@gmail.com