12 – 13 September 2020: Swap4Earth free virtual festival

EarthFest and Swapaholic are collaborating to bring you Swap4Earth, an eco- and socially conscious virtual festival with talks, workshops, music, plant, book and fashion swaps and more activities. This event is hosted by Sustainable Singapore Gallery. More information below

#Swap4Earth is a virtual eco-conscious & social good festival that is happening on 12 & 13 September 2020. Get ready to swap mindsets in order to learn, connect, empathise and then act to strengthen integration to our Planet and the People.

#Swap4Earth Virtual Eco-Conscious Festival 

12 & 13 September

www.swap4earth.com (Live streaming via Zoom)

What to expect?
– Virtual Talks addressing environment & social concerns
– Conscious Workshops & Activities
– Community Marketplace
– 100% Plant-based selections
– Live Performance
– Swap Activities
– Green Rewards

Why you should join?
All talks and workshops are kept at zero cost because we want to offer an easily accessible platform for anyone to swap out unkind habits for a sustainable lifestyle. In this weekend, get ready for a power packed line-up filled with meaningful discussions, virtual sustainable tours and fun activities catered to all ages

For the movie junkie, enjoy a on-demand screening of How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change directed by Oscar Nominated director Josh Fox from 5 – 13 September. Viewers may purchase to watch the movie at their own pace and join in for a dialogue with our #TeamEarth representatives, Nadia Kishlan and Paul Foster on festival Day-2!Other exciting activities include the highly popular book swap, plant swap and fashion swap

Interested participants are encouraged to follow our Facebook event page and check out the website for the latest update.

28 + 29 July: Upcoming webinars by PM Haze

PM Haze will be speaking in two webinars hosted by Sime Darby Plantation Berhad (SDP) and Centre for Social Development Studies (CSDS). Please find the details below.

[28 July, 3.30pm] Sime Darby Plantation Berhad: Dousing the Fire on Haze and its Misconceptions

Sime Darby Plantation would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming webinar which discusses the issue of haze.

For years, the South East Asia region has been battling the occurrence of haze, especially during the dry weather season. Continuous efforts have been made to address this issue by multiple stakeholders from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore especially on reducing hotspots and open burning. Despite the current challenges we are facing from the COVID-19 pandemic, these initiatives must continue to be strengthened.

However, in order to continue delivering results and solutions, it is imperative for stakeholders to evaluate their efforts by understanding and addressing the general issues and common misconceptions on the annual haze occurrences.

The goal of the seminar is to discuss these misapprehensions and provide a platform to educate the public on open burning, its consequences as well as other factors that can lead to haze.

Sign up here.

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5 June: Eco Action Day 2020

Each year during Eco Action Day, Ricoh requests that individuals and corporations make pledges towards making sustainable choices and bettering the environment. Now in it’s 14th year, they are focusing on a few SDGs — Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns and taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Please read on to find out more about Eco Action Day 2020.

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25 April: Fashion Revolution Singapore 2020

Mark your calendars for Fashion Revolution 2020! Participate in their event online from home on 25 April, 11am onwards. More details below.

Fashion Revolution Singapore is BACK!
Held ENTIRELY ONLINE for the first time ever, this year’s event calls for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry by focusing on the 4 C’s —

From inspiring panel discussions with incredible speakers to interesting workshops and prizes to be won, you’ll be able to tune in from wherever you are – so bring your pals, learn something new and be inspired to start asking brands #WhoMadeMyClothes and #WhatsInMyClothes!

Our event takes place as always during Fashion Revolution Week (20 to 26 April 2020) and will mark the 7th year of Fashion Revolution, the world’s LARGEST FASHION ACTIVISM MOVEMENT founded to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased.

It also marks seven years since the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, where 1,138 people were killed and many more injured on 24 April 2013.

11:00 AM: Panel Discussion (BRANDS)
Fashion Revolution presents: Fashion and sustainability – an incompatible couple?
Do you run a fashion brand? Then we want YOU to join us at our welcome chat!
We will be speaking to global and local brands of all sizes about their sustainability journey, opening a safe space for fashion brands to have an honest conversation on the sustainability conundrum in the fashion world.
Chu Wong, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution SG and Founder of Shop Bettr
Marian Dang, Sustainability Manager at H&M South East Asia
Min Tan, Founder of Cloud & Victory
Cara Chiang, Product Development & Marketing Manager at CYC Made to Measure

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Climate Action Workshop for Students

Some teachers have organised a climate action workshop for students. More details below.

We are all now living in a world of environmental degradation and climate change – so what can we do about it? It’s easy to feel lost and powerless in the face of such a big problem, and easy to forget that even as an individual, we all have some spheres of influence. As a student, you are a key stakeholder of your school, and able to talk to your peers, teachers, school leaders, and even institutions beyond.

But you need facts and you need community. This workshop aims to provide facts of the climate issue, as well as to support more students in taking action to make their schools more environmentally-friendly.

Thank you for your interest in registering for this workshop. Please complete the form accurately and you will be notified closer to the workshop date if you have obtained a place. The organizers reserve the right to allocate places to allow for diversity and equity of participation.

Date & Time: 18 January, Saturday, 1:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Location: 284 River Valley Road, #01-01, Potato Productions, Singapore 238325
Registration: Sign up here

Workshop Details:
Early Afternoon Segment: Sharing about Climate Trends / Youth Activists Speak
Later Afternoon Segment: Brainstorming and Networking Workshop

The workshop is organized by a collective of educators from various institutions in Singapore. If you have questions, please contact us at: climateeducation.sg@gmail.com

25 November 2019: Today is White Monday

White Monday has officially started. What is it?

The organisers, Sammie Ng and Qiyun Woo have shared the following note, do participate in the global movement if you can!:

Thank you for your support and interest in joining us in our first White Monday campaign on the 25th of November in Singapore – yup that’s the coming Monday!!

On WM, we hope to get individuals, organizations and businesses to pledge their non-participation in Black Friday, and to also share or promote alternatives. This campaign is not an “anti-” campaign, but to call consumers to rethink consumption and to embrace alternative ways of consumption.

To take part in the campaign, it’s just a few simple things! Check out these details on how to participate! 

As this movement is still very new in Singapore, we hope that our participation this year can spark conversation here. We hope to get to make this movement gain momentum in Singapore and your support will help bring attention to circular consumption to make it more mainstream.