Trash-Sure Sculpture unveiled at Gardens by the Bay

For the next three years, this upcycled art sculpture will be situated at the SG50 lattice at Gardens by the Bay. Made entirely out of trash from Singapore, this 10×7 metre sculpture of the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger was created by world renowned street artist, Bordalo II.

Trash-Sure is a nationwide campaign that uses art to narrate sustainability. With two billion tonnes of trash discarded globally on an annual basis, our waste contributes significantly and rapidly to carbon emissions. This sculpture highlights the urgency of the climate crisis we are facing and serves as a reminder of the need for conservation and biodiversity. Bordalo II has more than 240 art pieces in more than 20 countries, with this tiger being his largest upcycled sculpture in Asia.

The launch of Trash-Sure was presented by UBS and enterprise partner Ho Bee Land, and supported by venue partner Gardens by the Bay, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, the Singapore Tourism Board, the Adplanet Group and NGOs including World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore.

The trash was collected by the Adplanet Group, UBS employees and Ho Bee Land’s construction partner. Trash items include end of life materials such as plastic hoses, car fenders, roofs, doors, tires, aircon vents, road dividers, traffic cones, huge water containers, trash bins, portable loos, plastic trays, luggage, trolleys, toys and parts of children’s playgrounds.

Something to look out for in the latter part of this year is an art competition titled ‘Art of Trash’, where students in Singapore can enter by upcycling waste materials to create sculptures.

In the meantime, do check out this wonderful sculpture. For more information on Trash-Sure, visit their website!

About Artist Bordalo II
Bordalo II is a world renowned artivist from Portugal. Bordalo II creates stunning three-dimensional sculptures out of the debris of our overconsumeristic and materialistic society. Larger than life, his masterpieces serve to remind us that there is too much wastage because of our excessive and inconsiderate economic and social behaviors. His art form has a purpose –to powerfully communicate that trash can be reused and recycled. Tires, fan covers, fishing nets, tennis balls, syringes –there are just a few of the many discarded materials repurposed on his installations. As street art, the installations of Bordalo II also raise the alarm on our wasteful habits out in public to tackle issues on pollution and its effects on wildlife.


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