Student competition: 2023 PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition

The PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition is back! The theme of the 2023 Crea8 Sustainability Competition is ‘The Green Key’, and encourages primary and secondary school students to explore what it means to be climate positive. Each year, Crea8 Sustainability adopts a different theme to inspire young Singaporeans to embark on their environmental journey through creative self-expression and critical thinking.

Primary students are encouraged to turn waste into something useful by creating upcycled artwork with items that cannot be recycled. Secondary and Tertiary students are challenged to articulate their visions and use their online voices to create a short video that encourages, educates and advocates on issues surrounding sustainability. More details here!


7 APRIL 2023 (for Primary & Secondary level)

28 APRIL 2023 (for Tertiary-Level)

Primary Level – Giving Waste New Life
What happens to the things we can’t recycle? This year, we encourage children to deepen their understanding of recycling in an effort to develop a new sustainable relationship to what we commonly know as ‘waste’. Students are to create upcycled artwork from items that cannot be recycled, instead of using common items such as plastic bottles, bottle caps, or straws.

Secondary Level & Tertiary- #SustainabilityInAction
Made by youths for youths. This year, our #SustainabilityInAction challenges our youths from both secondary schools and tertiary institutions to speak up and use their online voice and talent to create a short video (equivalent to a TikTok/Instagram reel) to encourage, educate and advocate on issues surrounding sustainability.

Join the competition here!

About PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition

Established in 2016, the PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition aims to encourage young Singaporeans to step up to the challenge of tackling environmental issues by reducing their carbon footprint and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Crea8 Sustainability competition started off as an art competition but has since evolved to include essay and video components to enable all youths in Singapore to participate.

PacificLight continues to inspire young Singaporeans to tackle environmental challenges and demonstrate their passion for a sustainable Singapore. The Crea8 Sustainability Competition encourages students to share their thoughts, demonstrate their ideas and share stories about the ways we can reduce our environmental impact.


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