Participate in the “Inside Our Wardrobe” survey

City Developments Limited and The Fashion Pulpit are conducting a sustainable fashion survey, more details below.

Inside Our Wardrobe is a wardrobe study that focuses on stripping bare the mainstream narrative of having to buy new clothes to appreciate and understand fashion and style. To understand, evaluate what we wear, own and keep on a deeper level and henceforth begin to relearn our relationship with clothing, we hope you’d join us in participating in this study.

A report will be published at the end of February of 2022 in respect of the data collected, and it will serve to provide insights to the following:
• Different perspectives on what we own and wear
• Understand the content of our wardrobe and the ongoing use of clothing (especially when clothing relationships are largely disposable and neglected because of trend-driven fast fashion)
• What sentimental values do we draw from the clothes we own?
• How to enhance our relationship with clothing and fashion to be more intention-led

Complete the survey here

Photo by Mica Asato from Pexels


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