Earth Hour 2016: Shine a light on forests this Saturday!


It’s that time of the year again! Please read below for the low down of this year’s Earth Hour.

Environment Conservation Activity: OBS Project IsLand-A-Hand, 5 March 2016


Looking for a meaningful activity that involves environmental conservation and bonding with the youth community? OBS will be hosting Project IsLand-A-Hand once again! On 5 March (Saturday), you’ll be able to do your part to help save Mother Earth, make new friends, explore the OBS campus/other parts of Ubin/Coney Island, and take lots of beauty … Continue reading

EIAs: Enigmas In Action?


This month, we look at the subject of EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment, a very current topic, especially so because of the Cross Island MRT Line (CRL) and its impact on the Central Catchment Nature Reserve of MacRitchie. We have three speakers – Natalia Huang of Ecology Matters, who will speak of the EIA process, … Continue reading

Singapore Green Landscape 2016 is now out!


Eugene Tay of Green Future Solutions has released the latest version of the Singapore Green Landscape, a compilation of key news reports from the previous year, and a list of environmental groups, websites, business associations, government agencies, academic institutes and centres. This is a  wonderful free resource which he has been updating and sharing for … Continue reading

28 November – Green Is The New Black: The Conscious Festival


Green Is The New Black: The Conscious Festival happens this Saturday, and highlights eco and ethical consumer choices, more details below on the event and where to buy tickets.

OBS community event: IsLand-A-Hand


OBS has organised IsLand-A-Hand for 30 November, an event that involves environmental conservation and bonding with youths. More details below. Come along for IsLand-A-HAND to: Bond and interact with other youth participants Have a deeper appreciation for our environment Learn ways to conserve and protect the natural bio-diversity and wildlife Be ambassadors of a sustainable … Continue reading

SIIA Seminar – Fighting the Haze: Insights from Indonesia’s worst-hit provinces

Burned grass on field , cause haze in Indonesia.

Fighting the Haze: Insights from Indonesia’s worst-hit provinces The 2015 haze crisis has affected countries across the region. But the ones who have suffered the most are Indonesians closest to the fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan – where the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) has climbed to a high of 2,300 in some areas, with hundreds … Continue reading

November Green Drinks: The Salt of the Earth screening + panel discussion – SOLD OUT


This month’s Green Drinks is a ticketed event, and a joint event with the EU Delegation to Singapore and the embassies of Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Tickets sold out quickly, even before we could publicise it. The EU Delegation to Singapore and the embassies of Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden and … Continue reading

Green Drinks: Ballast Water Management and Marine Bio-Invasion

Container Ship in Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul City

This month, we look at ballast water management and how marine bio-invasion can occur in the process of shipping goods. We start with a talk by Ray Huang of PACT, titled “Out of the box ideas to tackle the ballast water conundrum”, followed by a panel discussion. Our panellists include Dr Guillaume Drillet of DHI, … Continue reading

GE 2015: Casting a Vote for Environmental Progress

green vote

With the general elections looming, Green Drinks is collaborating with PM.Haze, Hemispheres, Sharksavers, Foodscape Collective and individual environmental activists to look at a variety of green issues that affect Singapore, and what we would like to see communicated during the election period. We have sent a brief questionnaire to active political parties to find out … Continue reading

Green Drinks: Shifting Towards a Haze-Free Society


This month we look at the #sghaze issue. Our speaker and panellists recap what has happened to date, and update you on what they are working on, and what we can do as citizens. Tan Yihan of PM.Haze kicks off the night with a talk on what their organisation is doing about the haze. This … Continue reading

Sign up for ASEAN Power Shift 2015!

AP copy

The ASEAN Power Shift 2015 (APS15), powered by Young NTUC, is a three-day conference that will be held in Singapore from 24 – 26 July 2015. Spearheaded by Team Young NTUC 350 Singapore, the event brings together youths from the 10 ASEAN countries to a common platform where they will form an aligned position towards … Continue reading

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