Celebrating the life of Tay Lai Hock of Ground-Up Initiative

For those who have not already heard, Tay Lai Hock of Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) passed away earlier in the week. Also known as Kampung Chief, he was well respected for his leadership, authenticity, wisdom, ideas, compassion, conviction, character, directness, and how he walked the talk. He championed the need for a 21st century kampung culture and connected thousands of people to the land.

We at Green Drinks grieve his loss, and send our condolences to Lai Hock’s family and the GUI family. We feel blessed that he was able to speak at Green Drinks on two occasions – at the first session he shared his vision for GUI, and at a subsequent session, we got to hear his vision for Kampung Kampus. Both times, he inspired audience members and left a lasting impression.

If you would like to pay your final respects to Lai Hock:
-His wake is held at Blk 230 Simei Street 4, Friday (today) is the last day
-GUI have organised a memorial service to celebrate Lai Hock’s life on 18 August Saturday at Kampung Kampus, 91 Lorong Chencharu. More details here.

If you are going on Saturday, we will see you there!


Heritage Kampung this weekend!

Heritage Kampung is a unique heritage festival experience to celebrate the Fun, Flavours & Essences of Singapore’s pioneering spirit. Organised by Ground-Up Initiative, the Grand Finale Carnival happens this weekend, do drop by Bottle Tree Park in Yishun (81 Lorong Chencharu, see map) between 10am and 9pm. For more information, please visit their website.

We’ll be there this weekend, so we hope to see you there too!

About Heritage Kampung 2012

Together with National Heritage Board, Bottle Tree Park (Yishun), Radio 100.3, Ground-Up Initiative have organised Heritage Kampung. This is a unique 5-month long heritage festival experience leading up to a Finale in June, celebrating the fun, flavors and essences of Singapore’s pioneering spirit. Engage your senses, mind and soul!

Heritage Kampung is about reconnecting with our roots so that we discover the journey that led to our existence & the importance of Community Spirit. It is understanding the past as we redefine the 21st Century Kampung Culture to be the foundation for a Sustainable Future.

Held during weekends & school holidays from February to June, Heritage Kampung is an extravaganza of cultural events, a festival of glorious foods & a kaleidoscope of colourful patterns & images from the past.

Why come down to Heritage Kampung?
We believe in the power of community and the importance of reconnecting fellow citizens with Singapore’s heritage and the timeless values embodied by our pioneers representing each ethnic group such as Lim Nee Soon (Pernakan), Tan Kah Kee (Chinese), Mohamed Eunos (Malay), P. Govindasamy Pillai (Indian) & Edwin Tessensohn (Eurasian).

See you at Heritage Kampung and be a part of history to create the 21st century kampung culture. Indeed, a rare opportunity not to be missed!

The Grandest Peranakan Wedding

Our friends at Ground-Up Initiative have organised a carnival and party mid-June, please see below for the details!

Do you like to learn more about Straits Settlements (Peranakan) culture and feast on Perankan Foods?

If yes, The Grand Finale of Heritage Kampung will be from 9 to 16 June, with a carnival and the Grandest Peranakan Wedding Party on 16 June 2012 (Sat) from 6pm – 10pm.

All members of the Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) team are working very hard to make the Heritage Kampung a success.

From the start, one of the VERY main reasons why we planned and ran this Heritage Kampung is to demonstrate that Bottle Tree Park (BTP) serves not only the leisure and recreation purpose but also have a greater value for the community with social and education benefits.  Therefore this is the time for us to really demonstrate that BTP together with GUI can transcend beyond the commercial intention and serve the community.

We need your support now to attend the dinner party and also help spread to your friends, contacts and other companies.

Please note that the dinner is not fund raising for GUI expenses but rather to cover the operating cost of the Wedding Party show.  For other part of Heritage Kampung, we raised funds through part support from NHB and workshops, etc.  Of course, we are still in need of funds so every bit helps.

Just in case you are not familiar with the Heritage Kampung – we are featuring 5 Pioneering Heroes – Lim Nee Soon, Tan Kah Kee, Mohd Eunos, P.Govindasamy Pillai, and Edwin Tessensohn.

As Bottle Tree Park is located in Nee Soon and Nee Soon was a Peranakan, we are closing the Heritage Kampung with the Grandest Peranakan wedding party.

About the Grandest Peranakan Wedding-
About Heritage Kampung & GUI –
For those who wish to book your dinner seat, please contact the following:
– Yin Xiao – ellen.yinxiao@gmail.com
– Joyce – kaychewminjoyce@gmail.com

Thank you very much and this is the time that GUI & BTP really needs your support in every sense.  As of now, we are not sure about the future of our space at BTP but we are working very hard to ensure that our effort will be noticed by the government and the society.

The time is NOW…

Coca Cola pushes recycling message in the heartlands

Over the Earth Day weekend, Coca Cola Singapore and NorthEast CDC launched their partnership to promote environmental awareness through recycling.

Through this initiative, Give It Back! block parties will be organised together with the National Environment Agency (NEA). Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), where a reverse vending machine will be a fixture to highlight the act of recycling.  These parties will also communicate the how, why and where’s of recycling.

In addition, more than 360 HDB blocks in the Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC will carry recycling messages on lift doors informing of the importance of recycling, and the location of recycling bins.

Ground-Up Initiative: Earth Day 2011, A Beautiful Connection

Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) is organizing a celebration for Earth Day 2011 called A Beautiful Connection.


Date: 22 April 2011 (Good Friday)

Venue: Bottle Tree Park (Yishun), 81 Lorong Chencharu Singapore 769198

Time: 9:30am – 6:00pm


Admission is free and there are a host of activities you can take part in.

Things to look forward to include composting activities, up-cycling jewelry making, and performances such as soulful acapellas by Juz B.

Take a look at the Earth Day 2011: A Beautiful Connection flyer or visit the website for more information on the celebration. Also, check out GUI’s video on how they’ve been preparing for Earth Day 2011.


Image taken from A Beautiful Connection flyer

10:10:10 events you can participate in!

Otherwise known as 10:10, the 10th of October is the Global Day of Climate Action, where everyone is encouraged to cut 10% off their carbon emissions. There are several ways you can celebrate the day, and here are two free events that we’d like to highlight!

Ground-Up Initiative has organised a 10:10:10 carnival at Bottle Tree Park from 8.30am – 4pm, an event which most NGOs are participating in. Some cool workshops on the day include cooking with herbs, composting and garbage enzymes,  as well as yoga and a children’s art session. Green Drinks is holding a free screening the multi award-winning documentary, FUEL, at 1pm, so do come and check it out!

Olive Ventures has also organised a community event which features a flea market showcasing eco merchandise, and a concert by popular local acts like Alicia Pan, SIXX, among others, with part proceeds from food and beverage sales going to the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and ACRES.  Starting from 11am, the first 120 guests who arrive at Krish, 9 Rochester Park, and present their reusable shopping bag receives a goodie bag stocked with eco-friendly products, while some early birds will take home X-mini speakers, eco-Friendly products, dining vouchers, skincare products among others. The event ends at 10.30pm

Let’s all do our part on this iconic day!

Green Drinks at 350 Public Boardroom

Green Drinks was recently invited to participate in an outdoor discussion on climate change at Chevron House,  in an event otherwise known as 350 Public Boardroom.

Organised by Young NTUC and supported by ECO (Singapore), the boardroom session was moderated by The Straits Times journalist and Eco-Business.com Founder Jessica Cheam and featured representatives from NGOs such as ACRES, WWF (Singapore), ECO (Singapore), Conservation International, Ground-Up Initiative, Nature Society (Singapore), as well as green businesses such as Olive Ventures, Bloomerang, and Forward.

Topics raised included boycotting and its efficacy, carbon tax and its viability, who’s role it is to initiate green changes: consumer or businesses?, and the government’s role.

To read Jessica Cheam’s thoughts of the event, see her blog entry on The Straits Times here.

Quite a few people came by to listen
Green Drinks airing its views

Images courtesy of Young NTUC.