30 April: Income Eco Run 2017

NTUC’s annual running event is back, with a new name – Income Eco Run. There’s also a Farmers Market to look forward to. Please read on to find out more.

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Earth Film Festival: Singapore’s first crowd-based sustainability film festival

Earth Fest organisers are running the Earth Film Festival from Earth Day, April 22 2016, onwards and you can participate by hosting your own screening with friends and family at no cost. The Earth Film Festival is a crowd-based film festival, meaning hosts own a copy of the film afterwards, and it can be screened again with other friends and family members.

The Earth Film Festival involves collaborations with local sustainability organisations and will feature sustainability-related documentaries picked by the following organisations: Connected Threads Asia, People’s Movement to Stop Haze (PM Haze), Vegetarian Society (Singapore), Zero Waste (Singapore) and Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES).

The first Earth Film Festival screenings happen on and around Earth Day (April 22, 2016).  Hosts can register their preferred film and screening dates at http://earthfestsingapore.com.  

Take your pick from the following documentaries, and direct your enquiries to Michael Broadhead at hello@earthfestsingapore.com or 9731-4600.

Green Your Kitchen for Earth Day and Earth Week!


It’s Earth Day today, not to mention Earth Week, and the best way to honour this time is to be especially mindful of our impact on the environment. When we use less chemicals, we are being gentler to ourselves and the environment. Check out our top 10 picks for green kitchen ware, cleaning tools and supplies. Happy Earth Day and Earth Week!

1. ScanWood Salad Set from Le Bono

Made of olive wood with anti-microbial properties, these salad serving utensils are durable and sourced sustainably from Europe and carry Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. While it has travelled a long way to Singapore, one can be assured that it has been responsibly sourced, food safe, and expected to last a long time. Buy it here for $24.

2. Keep Leaf from NeisHaus

These lightweight reusable snack bags are made from 100% cotton canvas and serves as a wonderful sandwich and food container. BPA- and Phthalate-free, its inner lining is waterproof and easy to clean. Available in medium and large sizes, the site also sells lunch bags. Buy it here from $10, plus 10% off and free shipping till 24th April.

3. ENJO Kitchen Pack

This set of three kitchen and oven cleaners use microfibre technology and do not require the use of cleaning liquids, just add water and it’s ready to go! Clean benchtops, the stovetop, splash back area, tiles and ovens with the Kitchen Glove, Kitchen Scrub and Kitchen ENJOFil. Made for durability and absorbency, microfibres grip grease and dirt. Also available on the site is a fruit and vegetable cleaning cloth and other kitchen cleaning microfibre cloths. The Kitchen Pack retails here at $105.

4. EcoForce Recycled Super Soft dusters from GreenPal

Made from recycled fibre, these dusters come in a pack of 10, and can be used to wipe all kinds of surfaces, including wood and glass. There is also a wide range of kitchen supplies made of recycled materials available on their website. Affordably priced at $3.90, and can be purchased here.

5. Loofah-Art Bluebird from NeisHaus

Biodegradable and sustainably sourced and prepared, these loofahs come in a range of 12 cute animal and vegetable shapes.  Durable and made to clean tough stains, these loofahs are versatile and can also be used to clean vegetables and fruits. Available here at $10, at 10% off and free shipping till 24th April.

6. Apiwraps from NeisHaus

Said to be used during colonial times to keep food fresh while on the road, Apiwraps are a safe, eco, reusable alternative to aluminium foil and plastic wrap, Apiwraps are made using organic cotton, beeswax and oil, and lasts for up to a year. Prices start from $17, available here, plus 10% off and free shipping till 24th April.

7. Soap Nuts by The DIY Secrets

Any more natural and you’ll have to pluck it from the tree. Soap Nuts, also known as Soap Berries, carry a subtle fruity scent and is a gentle all purpose cleaner. It can be used to wash the floor, to laundry, and if you’re adventurous enough – your hair and body. Priced from $2.50, buy it here. Storewide discount of up to 40% off, only till 26 April.

8. ecostore Hand Wash from The Naturally Better Company

Available in delightful scents such as Orange and Patchouli and Rose and Cardamom, and even fragrance-free, this hand wash is gentle on the hands and the waterways. If you prefer foaming hand washers, that’s available on their website too, our favourite scent – Cucumber and Bergamot. Buy it here for $13.40.

9. Buds Anti Bac Floor Cleaner from Bud Cosmetics

Parents and pet owners who want a safe, clean floor for bubs and pets to crawl and play on will like this. This floor cleaner contains mild and gentle ingredients such as organic tea tree oil, which has antimicrobial properties, and is effective against fungus, bacteria and viruses.  Available here at a promotion price of $21.36 till 26 April.

10. Goodbye Detergent Kitchen Cleaning Pads from GreenPal

Goodbye Detergent has a range of cleaning pads for cookware. Designed to work without detergents and harsh chemicals, their cleaning pads are made from recycled materials and are made to last. The range includes cleansing pads made for washing enamel pots to stainless steel to anodised aluminium and even for heavy duty use. Sold in a set of at least two pads,  get it here for $9.40, at 10% off till 30 April.

This article was originally published on our campaign site – SaferSkin. Join us in our awareness campaign for safer personal care products and cosmetics in Singapore.

Green Drinks : Enabling Behaviour Change in Organisations and in Society

Bhavani Prakash, who is well known in local and regional sustainability circles (and rarely needs an introduction), recently spoke with 11 Singapore-based organisations and pieced together a sustainability toolkit which offers a framework in engaging employees in CSR. Join us this month to listen to her findings and observations.  Continue reading “Green Drinks : Enabling Behaviour Change in Organisations and in Society”

Homefarm as the next generation of retirement housing in Singapore


Architectural firm, SPARK, has conceptualised a way to address two distinct social issues of an ageing population and food security in Singapore – by building a large apartment complex offering aged care facilities with allocated space for vegetable farming using soil-based and aquaponic methods, and opportunities for seniors to enjoy a good quality of life as well as to make a living.

Named ‘Homefarm’, this concept includes soil-based linear planting beds up to rooftop level as well as vertical growing on the building facade using aquaponics, and even a marketplace, so resident seniors can opt to work in jobs ranging from planting to harvesting to sales and delivery.

SPARK also intends for the building to exceed current Green Mark requirements and government city greening ideals, and has incorporated plans for agricultural bi-product waste to feed a bio-mass power plant, which will be translated to energy for use in public areas.

The firm is looking for a developer to get behind the project, for more details, please visit http://www.sparkarchitects.com/work/homefarm#1.

0240_01_aerial_CMYK3000240_02_entrance_CMYK3000240_11_apartment_mix_CMYK300 0240_20_elevation_short_CMYK300 0240_05_section_CMYK300

Photos courtesy of SPARK 

22-23 Jan: SP Engineering Show highlights smart nation projects

Singapore Polytechnic Engineering Students Develop ‘Smart’ Projects To Support ‘Smart Nation’ Initiative

Engineering students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) are all geared up to make Singapore a Smart Nation. The SP Engineering Show features exclusive projects by SP students and researchers that shows how Engineering can be applied to different segments of society and various industries. The show features 65 innovative projects from unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, health-care equipment and mobile apps developed by SP Engineering students as well as technologies developed by SP researchers including a solar reflective paint and ready-to-drink double-boiled soup.

Admission is free and no RSVP is needed.

Date & Time:             22 – 23 Jan, 10am to 5pm daily

Venue:            Singapore Polytechnic elevenSQ

(Please refer to the map for directions)

Enter from Gate 8 at Commonwealth Avenue West. elevenSq is just ahead after the gate.
Nearest MRT station: Dover

Some noteworthy green projects

Green Water Systems

There have been recent articles on HDB dwellers growing their own vegetables or herbs along the corridor. Community farming is also taking off in many estates, however, not ever one has the time or effort to maintain and water the vegetables.

The Green Water System (GWS) is an unmanned water irrigation system designed for everyone. From simple backyard lawns to futuristic green wall gardens, the GWS can adapt to any situation. The GWS can be controlled on a smartphone/tablet. By using an app, users can monitor the temperature and soil humidity wirelessly and accurately. The user is also able to schedule a time to water the plants. Once the schedule is executed, the GWS would then check the weather and water the plants to the desired soil humidity level. At any time during the irrigation schedule, the user is able to manually stop and restart the irrigation process. The GWS is powered by a battery that can be charged via a solar panel. Furthermore, it is 100% portable and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Hybrid Powered Mobile Freezer

This is a mobile freezer that can be powered by the sun or electricity. As Singapore is a tropical country, sunlight is readily available and the mobile freezer is a good choice for ice-cream sellers or Food & Beverage operators during outdoor events. Operating costs can also be lowered by tapping on a free and green source of energy.

‘Sampan’ Toilet

The floating and navigable toilet aims to solve the sanitation issues in many neighbouring countries during the rainy or flooding season.

Bearing in mind indigenous fabrication skills and locally available materials, SP students have designed the toilet to be easily replicated in regional countries.

The toilet is equipped with a special tank that stores and converts human waste to fertiliser.

Sustainability Mentorship Programme 2015

Registrations are now open for the Sustainability Mentorship Programme 2015! Calling on 19-35 year olds keen on sustainability leadership and becoming sustainability champions. Registrations close on 4 Jan, details below!

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