Have you tried GrabHitch yet?

Happy World Environment Day!

We thought that we should highlight the availability of GrabHitch – a carpooling service that connects passengers and private car drivers going in the same direction by Grab, which is well known for its GrabTaxi service. You can schedule your trips in advance and you will be notified when there is a match.

Get started by downloading the Grab App from the Apple app store or Google Play store, and opting to be a passenger or driver. Drivers can easily sign up by following these steps:
GrabHitch signup sequence

There is a special promotion for drivers who sign up and do 1 ride this month – receive 1 x ticket to the Cool Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay ($20 value). Use the referral code – “hitchforearth” when you sign up as driver.

Passengers need to register their credit card details on the GrabPay tab from the app menu, before being able to book a ride. Once you have done that, go to the main page and key in your pick up and drop off details and select GrabHitch from the service bar at the bottom. Click “Book” and wait to hear back. For more details, you can visit their website.

While Green Drinks (Singapore) encourages the use of public transport, we also recognise that there are opportunities for transportation to be greener for individuals. For example, there could be private vehicles on the road that may have only one or two passengers travelling to work or to an event, and some others in the same neighbourhood might be travelling in the same direction, but opt to take a taxi or drive their own car. With the option of a carpooling service, there is a possibility of reduced emissions unless of course, there is an increase of carpooling – away from public transport use.

Image courtesy of Grab

PS. This is not an advertorial