Ten ways to be more eco conscious this year

There are many ways to do our part for the environment that we love. Here, we highlight 10 ways to act on it – it is afterall, the year of climate action! ;)

1.Go meat-free at least once a week. Animal agriculture contributes significantly to global warming as well environmental issues such as deforestation, soil erosion and habitat loss, among others. Our food choices can make a huge impact on the health of the planet, so whether it’s Meat Free Monday, being a weekday vegetarian, or going completely vegetarian or vegan, be part of the movement to have an earth-friendly diet. Learn more about vegetarianism from Vegetarian Society (Singapore), do check out their events! 

2. Be a a mindful visitor to nature spaces locally or overseas, consider picking 10 pieces of litter wherever we go. If we collectively removed 10 pieces of trash from the natural environment, it would make a noticeable difference. Visit 10 Pieces for more information on this movement.

3. Eliminate food waste at home. Plan your meals in advance to minimise wastage and save vegetable peelings to make vegetable stock. Have you got excess food or condiments that is good enough to share with others? Download the Olio app to redistribute food items to others who might need and want it. Keen on the topic of food waste and want to do much more? Join SG Food Rescue on their weekly veggie hunt!

4. Buy nothing other than essentials. Instead of caving to shopping impulses, buy only what you need. The more your own, the more things you need to take care of. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Will I use this often? Can I borrow this from a friend or rent it from someone else?” Consider sharing instead of owning, and use sites like Rent Tycoons or Lendor and be part of the sharing economy. 

5. Go plastic-free as much as possible, start by avoiding single use plastics such as straws, cutlery and bringing your own bag. Need some inspiration? Glean some great tips from Plastic Free July and join Plastic-Lite Singapore‘s events to  begin your plastic-free journey today.

6. Swap clothing instead of buying. Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes but often feel you have nothing to wear? Go for a capsule wardrobe consisting of quality clothes you love, and trade your clothes with others at a swap meet instead of buying brand new. Fast fashion is highly unsustainable for the planet, with fashion being the second most polluting industry after oil, so seek out events like Swapaholic! or The Singapore Really Really Free Market and opt for pre-loved pieces from second hand shops.

7. Have shorter showers to save water, not to mention money and time. Take the four minute shower challenge every day and keep your time in the bathroom brief, if you need a visual aid, get yourself a shower timer.

8. Adopt a zero waste mentality. Be a conscious consumer by considering what happens to your waste, and reducing the amount of trash you create and send to landfill. Avoid single use products like styrofoam, plastics, paper cups and napkins, instead bring your own bottled water, cutlery, take away containers and handkerchiefs if possible, and recycling where necessary. Get your zero waste tips here and join Journey to Zero Waste SG to stay in the loop of zero waste practices in Singapore.

9. Participate in a coastal clean up each year. Trash often makes its way to waterways and beaches, affecting wildlife, creating pollution and leaving an unsightly mess. Join a coastal clean up to make a difference and meet likeminded individuals in the process. 

10. Minimise your food miles by buying local or grow your own vegetables. Food can travel halfway across the world to reach your plate. Eat seasonally and buy locally from these farmers and if you don’t know how to grow herbs or vegetables you can learn from AVA, Citizen Farm or Nong, among others.


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