Exhibition: On Sharks & Humanity at Parkview Museum

The Parkview Museum is currently exhibiting On Sharks & Humanity, which looks at the practice of shark finning and our impact on the oceans. The exhibition runs till 9 September, 2017, admission is free. More details from their press release below.

Amidst great anticipation, The Parkview Group opens its first private museum in Singapore. Parkview Museum opens its doors with the global art exhibition ‘On Sharks and Humanity’, a thematic, travelling exhibition that addresses the practice of shark finning and the impact of human activity on the oceans. Conceived by Parkview Arts Action, the environmentally focused exhibition addresses the topics of shark protection and ocean conservation through a variety of art forms in a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach.

The exhibition features artists from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany and the United States, The artworks explore and analyse the interdependent relationship between sharks, the ocean, and human beings, challenging prevailing prejudices surrounding this deeply feared creature and bringing to light the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystem. “This is one of the few exhibitions of its kind and it reflects the social responsibility of the artists, while demonstrating the relationship between art and society”, shares Huang Du, the curator of ‘On Sharks and Humanity’, “these artworks reflect the participants’ imagination, judgment, creativity and their sense of social duty”

‘On Sharks and Humanity’ is supported by leading international non-profit organisation WildAid, whose mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade and reduce the demand for wildlife products, such as shark fin. Prior to its first Southeast Asian stop in Singapore, the exhibition was previously showcased at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco in 2014 before travelling to Moscow and the National Museum of China in Beijing in 2015. ‘On Sharks and Humanity’ will be shown at The Parkview Museum until 9 September (extended), 2017. The museum is located at Parkview Square, 3rd floor, Tower 2, 600 North Bridge Road.

For more details, please visit this web page.



One thought on “Exhibition: On Sharks & Humanity at Parkview Museum

  1. Hi !

    The exhibition has been extended to 9 September. New opening hours are: 12:00 – 7:00 p.m., Mondays to Saturdays.

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