30 April: Income Eco Run 2017

NTUC’s annual running event is back, with a new name – Income Eco Run. There’s also a Farmers Market to look forward to. Please read on to find out more.

Income Eco Run 2017 is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run which champions environmental conservation and aims to raise awareness for everyone to play their part in supporting the cause.

Previously known as NTUC Income Run 350, the run has been renamed Income Eco Run to step up the ante on bringing runners closer to the eco-friendly agenda. The call to action for 2017 is to run towards “zero waste”.

The race will be held on Sunday, 30 April 2017, at the F1 Pit Building. The categories of the event include: 21.1km half marathon, 10km competitive race and 800m Kids Dash as well as a 10km Team Category.

In 2017, we would like to challenge runners to take the next step and participate in the race as a ‘Zero Waste Runner’, taking the Run as a pledge to play their part to be eco-friendly. As a ‘Zero Waste Runner’, one’s entitlements will differ from other participants, such as no finisher tee (for the 21.1km runners) and finisher medal in order to cut down on production waste. They will receive instead a handheld water bottle to refill along the race route to cut down on the use of disposable cups and a limited edition ‘Zero Waste’ graphic print on the running tee in recognition of their pledge.

In addition to the suite of ‘green’ activities taking place before and on race day, the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) would bring close to 30 vendors together, forming the largest Farmers’ Market that has been organised in conjunction with a running event. The Income Eco Run Farmers’ Market will see vendors such as Edible Garden City that grows organic vegetable produce, Husk’s Ware, a company that sells only sustainable wares, and an eco-friendly clothes retailer, Zhai.

Ranging from urban farmers, organic food producers and sustainable businesses, the Income Eco Run Farmers’ Market aims to be a platform that gathers and support local eco-entrepreneurs and is organised in a bid to encourage runners and the public to adopt a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Registration closes 9 April, to find out more please visit their website – http://incomeecorun.sg/.

(Photo credit: Income Eco Run Facebook page)


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