Green Drinks 2017: What the Community Told Us

Last night, we collected loads of wonderful ideas and feedback about what the community wants to see at Green Drinks, and what they feel the role of Green Drinks should be. We also shared our plans moving forward and we will take on as many ideas as we can.  A big thank you to our facilitator, Mr Low Ming Hwee, and last night’s participants and friends who have shared suggestions with us.

Here is the feedback that we have received:


  • Pre- and post-event activities: suggested reading for those attending each session, and an off-site activity. This can be related to the topic or otherwise, such as a nature walk, or beach clean up followed by brunch/lunch, if we discuss a subject such as green mobility, we can go cycling/riding on/in a green vehicle
  • Organise practical sessions e.g. how to farm in an urban setting
  • Have a call-to-action
  • Drive / Participate in habit changing campaigns
  • Target younger audiences, 15 and up
  • Compare and analyse trends in other countries with Singapore
  • Documentary screenings, or snippets of these documentaries, with a focus on solutions
  • Venue can be provided by one of the presenting speakers, so attendees can stay on to find out more about the organisation
  • Collaborative growth with other organisations, groups
  • Have an open mic segment or evenings
  • Have deeper discussions, where informed audience members can participate. Government agencies, NGOs, academics, corporations and members of the public can be involved
  • Raise awareness based on topics e.g. bags vs plastic bags
  • Have a visual recorder to take down data and present it in graphic format
  • Have a bigger international voice
  • Dialogue session with minister
  • Green Drinks should have ambassadors and raise more awareness of itself
  • Activate our members to do
  • Discuss success stories (case studies) and consequences of positive behaviour
  • For one session, possibly organise an eco carnival or a supportive community event where we can recommend good green products to each other

Role of Green Drinks

  • Advocacy –
    • as an amplifier of ideas/initiatives by other NGOs, interest groups and individuals,
    • organise a small campaign each year
    • raise environmental topics in the media
  • Networking – this is our strength and we should focus on this
  • Platform to share stories on social media
  • Be a community of ambassadors for eco initiatives
  • A platform to aggregate information, events, campaigns

Thank you! We will work with these ideas and offer you a different experience next year :)

If you have any additional feedback and recommendations, please write to Olivia at

Photo by Mohammad Juhari

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