Green Drinks: The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint + People’s Expedition to Experience Peat

This month, find out more about the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB), and peatland conservation. We have a few special guests this time.

MEWR and NEA will give a presentation on the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint, in particular, “Towards A Zero Waste Nation”, while Benjamin Tay of PM Haze will talk about the recent People’s Expedition to Experience Peat (PEEP) at the Raja Musa Forest Reserve (RMFR) in Selangor, Malaysia.
To read up about the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint, please see here!
Big thanks to Melissa Chong for helping to organise this session!
Date: 31 August 2016 (Wed)
Time: 7pm – 8.30pm
Venue: The Singapore Jazz Club, 101 Jalan Sultan, #02-00, The Sultan.
Admission: Free (contributions to society accepted)
RSVP: Via Facebook or email
See you there!
About Gwyndalyn Ko’s and Li Xin Min’s talks
The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) outlines the national vision and plans for the next phase of sustainable development in Singapore. There are 5 key themes of the SSB – Eco-Smart Endearing Towns, A Car-Lite Singapore, Towards a Zero Waste Nation, A Leading Green Economy, and An Active and Gracious Community.
Gwyndalyn Ko (MEWR) will be sharing on the background of the SSB, and an overview of the 5 key themes. Thereafter, Xin Min (NEA)’s presentation will provide an overview of the solid waste management system in Singapore, and delve into the strategies and initiatives for two main waste streams – food waste and packaging waste – that aim to move Singapore towards the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint vision of becoming a Zero Waste Nation.
About Benjamin Tay’s talk
How to stop the haze and have fun at the same time? Here are the three ingredients: a group of passionate people, a peat forest, and warm, welcoming homestay. We overcame a long journey, hard labour and the scorching sun, and built our own 3.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep canal block to help maintain water level of the peat swamp. We left our worries behind and waded through the peat swamp forest reserve and supported local agro-tourism.
At the upcoming Green Drinks, People’s Movement to Stop Haze will share the wonderful 3-day People’s Expedition to Experience Peat (PEEP) at the Raja Musa Forest Reserve (RMFR) in Selangor, Malaysia that allowed everyone joining the trip to deepen the understanding of peat land conservation in the local ecology and economic context and to feel accomplished and bonded more than ever.
About Our Speakers
About Gwyndalyn Ko
Gwyndalyn Ko joined the Communications and 3P Partnership Division of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources in October 2013. As part of the Outreach & Engagement team, she was involved in the review and consultation processes for the SSB 2015.
Since the launch of the SSB 2015, MEWR has also embarked on an engagement plan to share the SSB messages with the wider 3P network, and seek collaboration synergies. This is aligned with the Ministry’s aim to shift cultural norms and encourage all stakeholders to play an active role as environmental stewards in striving towards a Sustainable Singapore.
About Li Xin Min
Lee Xin Min joined the Waste and Resource Management Department of the National Environment Agency in July 2015. As an Engineer in the Planning section, Xin Min is involved in the formulation of new, longer-term strategies for waste management, in particular for food waste, packaging waste and e-waste.
She was also part of the secretariat for the Singapore Packaging Agreement, a joint initiative between the government, industry and non-governmental organisations to reduce packaging waste.
About Benjamin Tay
Benjamin started his journey with the financial industry and after 6 years, he left to join the education service. He gained a lot from his students at School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) as they taught him the value of education and to pursue his dreams. His post-graduate education at the Australian National University further sparked his interest in the Southeast Region that he seeks to gain knowledge of. His current work with PM.Haze has given him the opportunity to interact with diverse individuals, from the public sector, private sector involved in the palm oil value chain, and individuals who are involved in other civil society groups and similar ground up initiatives. He wants to help youth in Singapore realise their true potential through an effective and meaningful engagement with the social and environmental issues on and around the haze problem.

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