Green Drinks: Relief & Sustainable Impact

This July, we look at relief and sustainable impact in disaster hit areas. Our speakers this month include Jonathan How of Relief Singapore, and Robin of Civil Innovation Lab.

Jonathan will talk about his mission experiences during the haze crisis and his thoughts about the way forward towards a haze-free future, while Robin will talk about why we fail at creating sustainable impact, and how resources can be wasted.

Date: 27 July 2016 (Wed)
Time: 7pm – 9pm+
Venue: SingJazz Club, 101 Jalan Sultan, #02-00, The Sultan.
Admission: Free (contributions to society accepted)
RSVP: Via Facebook or email

See you there!

About Jonathan’s Talk
The deteriorating haze situation in Indonesia in September last year prompted local NGO Relief Singapore (RSG) to respond by collecting and distributing N95 masks in Central Kalimantan, where PSI levels reached close to 2,000. RSG eventually launched a total of 5 missions, bringing masks to two other provinces: South Sumatra and West Kalimantan. RSG CEO Jonathan How will share about his mission experiences during the haze crisis and his thoughts about the way forward towards a haze-free future.

About Robin’s Talk
“Why we fail at helping” examines the different cases where helping failed to have sustainable impact and how resources can be wasted. Good intentions are not enough. It takes the right action, performed with the right consciousness, to produce the necessary results.

From experience, there are some methods which can yield sustainable change. The methods will be shared by examples on how they are applied.

Key Takeaways – The emphasis of this talk is on why we should not always follow status quo. Technology has changed, morals change and ethics change. New problems arise from the new challenges we face everyday and yet in many cases, we still try to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions.

The inefficiencies of existing models and platforms will be analyzed, providing missing elements, connections, tools and services to achieve shared goals. Best practices for community development and ways to maximize social impact with be discussed during the workshop.

Engage, Enable, Empower and Connect.

About Our Speakers
Jonathan How

Jonathan How is a relief worker and community musician. He founded two social enterprises, Relief Singapore and OOOM: the former to provide humanitarian assistance for the forcibly displaced and the latter to advocate for people and planet through music.

Robin Low
Robin is the co-founder of Relief 2.0 and Civil Innovation Lab. He has been to almost all the large scale disasters for disasters since 2001 and started several social businesses to empower marginalized communities. He is involved in training, researching and consulting companies on the use of business modeling, agile startups and Social Media.

Robin is a guest speaker at many universities, including Emerson College, Harvard University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University. Robin is also a Speaker at TEDx Talks and has been speaking on social innovation in various international events.

Robin is also the author of a book “So, do you think you want to be an Entrepreneur?” and owns Greenyarn LLC, a nanotechnology company based in Boston manufacturing sustainable socks, fabric and apparel for environmentally conscious consumers. Robin’s new book “Good intentions are not enough” will be out in October 2016.

Photo courtesy of Robin Low


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