10 – 11 June 2016 – [Global Asia] Memes, Schemes & Dreams: Imagining Singapore Urban Futures

You are cordially invited to a two-day workshop titled “Memes, Schemes and Dreams: Imagining Singapore Urban Futures”. The workshop will take place between Friday, 10 June (The POD, National Library Building)-Saturday, 11 June (NTU) 2016. More details below.

This FREE workshop is partially inspired by a recent editorial by scholar Roland Cheo in the Singapore Straits Times (15 Aug., 2015) highlighting possible utopian and dystopian trajectories in Singapore (related to climate change). The same editorial discussed underground urbanism and also the push for export-oriented planning and design models in China and India by Singapore Inc.
How, why and by whom Singapore’s urban futures are being shaped?
Our event gathers publics, local and international scholars, civil society groups and policymakers to discuss memes, schemes and city dreams for and about Singapore.
Participants will examine the various processes, planning practices, technologies and social actors involved in assembling plans and projects that are shaping Singapore’s urban imaginaries and realities.
Our event hopes to generate insights about issues such as urban planning, livability, social impacts of engineering and technology, population and development, as well as the role of the public (or lack thereof) in the shaping of Singapore’s urban futures.
Please join us!! You can register for one of the days or two-full days. Registration will also ensure you receive a free lunch** each day! (**Halal & Veggie options will be provided)

Please visit our webpage for the full programme –  http://blogs.ntu.edu.sg/singurbanfutures/programme

Date: June 10th + 11th 2016
Venue: The POD, National Library (10th) + Nanyang Technological University (11th)
Organiser: Dr David Sadoway,
Contact: dsadoway@ntu.edu.sg, 65921628

Memes Schemes and Dreams


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