Earth Hour 2016: Shine a light on forests this Saturday!

It’s that time of the year again! Please read below for the low down of this year’s Earth Hour.

This Earth Hour will shine a light on forests and bring together three countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia – in united action to protect forests and stop haze pollution.

The Earth Hour Concert on the Float@Marina Bay will feature some of the country’s best known bands and club DJs. Earth Hour’s Eco Carnival offers entertainment for the whole family plus our spot on the float gives you the best view in town as Singapore’s famous buildings switch off their lights in support of action against climate change. Admission is FREE.

Date: 19 March 2016
Time: 6 – 10.30pm
Venue: Float@Marina Bay

For more event details and to RSVP, click here!

Be Part of a World Record

Join Panda and be part of the world’s biggest balancing act. Help us to set a world record to shine the spotlight on forests. Anyone can do it, you just need to balance on one foot, if you like, you can form the yoga tree pose to show how much you care about forests. Be at the Float@Marina Bay at 6pm, Saturday 19 March for this exciting event.

Forests & Climate Change

Tropical forests produce more than 40% of the world’s oxygen. Globally forests are the largest store of carbon behind oceans so it is no surprise that when we cut down or burn forests they release huge amounts of carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. During parts of September and October 2015 the average daily emissions from the forest fires in Indonesia were higher than emissions from the whole of the US – an economy 10 times the size of Indonesia. To #changeclimatechange, we need to shine a light on forests.

Donate Your Social Power

Your voice has never been more important. Switch on your social power for Earth Hour and do your part in shining a light on climate action to show how much our planet matters to you. Your action today can change our tomorrow.

Share your voice here!

What Else You Can Do

Sign the peat-ition! Sign the petition to protect peatland and stop the haze!

Rally your friends, family and community and Start Your Own Forest!

Let’s do our part for the planet!

Image courtesy of WWF Singapore


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