Green Drinks : Enabling Behaviour Change in Organisations and in Society

Bhavani Prakash, who is well known in local and regional sustainability circles (and rarely needs an introduction), recently spoke with 11 Singapore-based organisations and pieced together a sustainability toolkit which offers a framework in engaging employees in CSR. Join us this month to listen to her findings and observations. 

We live in an era where there is a lot of ‘know-how’ to most environmental and social problems, yet there is a gap when it comes to translating the knowledge into action. What are some of the ways by which human behavior change can be effected to bring about pro-environmental action?  What examples can be derived from interviews with Singapore-based companies, and the speaker’s own observations of positive change in Singapore society, using research based frameworks?

Date: 25 February (Wednesday) 2015
7 – 9 p.m
NYC Academy, ground floor, 113 Somerset Road,
RSVP: or email

Admission is free, but contributions are accepted.


About the speaker:

Bhavani Prakash is a trainer and speaker in the areas of sustainability, mindfulness and leadership. She is Founder of Green Collar Asia, an industry oriented thought leadership portal, and Eco WALK the, a public advocacy website. Bhavani is also a rooftop organic gardener, and promotes urban farming through the Facebook page, ‘Grow Your Own Food in Singapore.’


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