Homefarm as the next generation of retirement housing in Singapore


Architectural firm, SPARK, has conceptualised a way to address two distinct social issues of an ageing population and food security in Singapore – by building a large apartment complex offering aged care facilities with allocated space for vegetable farming using soil-based and aquaponic methods, and opportunities for seniors to enjoy a good quality of life as well as to make a living.

Named ‘Homefarm’, this concept includes soil-based linear planting beds up to rooftop level as well as vertical growing on the building facade using aquaponics, and even a marketplace, so resident seniors can opt to work in jobs ranging from planting to harvesting to sales and delivery.

SPARK also intends for the building to exceed current Green Mark requirements and government city greening ideals, and has incorporated plans for agricultural bi-product waste to feed a bio-mass power plant, which will be translated to energy for use in public areas.

The firm is looking for a developer to get behind the project, for more details, please visit http://www.sparkarchitects.com/work/homefarm#1.

0240_01_aerial_CMYK3000240_02_entrance_CMYK3000240_11_apartment_mix_CMYK300 0240_20_elevation_short_CMYK300 0240_05_section_CMYK300

Photos courtesy of SPARK 


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