22-23 Jan: SP Engineering Show highlights smart nation projects

Singapore Polytechnic Engineering Students Develop ‘Smart’ Projects To Support ‘Smart Nation’ Initiative

Engineering students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) are all geared up to make Singapore a Smart Nation. The SP Engineering Show features exclusive projects by SP students and researchers that shows how Engineering can be applied to different segments of society and various industries. The show features 65 innovative projects from unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, health-care equipment and mobile apps developed by SP Engineering students as well as technologies developed by SP researchers including a solar reflective paint and ready-to-drink double-boiled soup.

Admission is free and no RSVP is needed.

Date & Time:             22 – 23 Jan, 10am to 5pm daily

Venue:            Singapore Polytechnic elevenSQ

(Please refer to the map for directions)

Enter from Gate 8 at Commonwealth Avenue West. elevenSq is just ahead after the gate.
Nearest MRT station: Dover

Some noteworthy green projects

Green Water Systems

There have been recent articles on HDB dwellers growing their own vegetables or herbs along the corridor. Community farming is also taking off in many estates, however, not ever one has the time or effort to maintain and water the vegetables.

The Green Water System (GWS) is an unmanned water irrigation system designed for everyone. From simple backyard lawns to futuristic green wall gardens, the GWS can adapt to any situation. The GWS can be controlled on a smartphone/tablet. By using an app, users can monitor the temperature and soil humidity wirelessly and accurately. The user is also able to schedule a time to water the plants. Once the schedule is executed, the GWS would then check the weather and water the plants to the desired soil humidity level. At any time during the irrigation schedule, the user is able to manually stop and restart the irrigation process. The GWS is powered by a battery that can be charged via a solar panel. Furthermore, it is 100% portable and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Hybrid Powered Mobile Freezer

This is a mobile freezer that can be powered by the sun or electricity. As Singapore is a tropical country, sunlight is readily available and the mobile freezer is a good choice for ice-cream sellers or Food & Beverage operators during outdoor events. Operating costs can also be lowered by tapping on a free and green source of energy.

‘Sampan’ Toilet

The floating and navigable toilet aims to solve the sanitation issues in many neighbouring countries during the rainy or flooding season.

Bearing in mind indigenous fabrication skills and locally available materials, SP students have designed the toilet to be easily replicated in regional countries.

The toilet is equipped with a special tank that stores and converts human waste to fertiliser.


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