Food Bank Box now located at City Square Mall

If you don’t already know about Food Bank Singapore, this is an organisation which collects safe for consumption canned and packaged food which is unwanted or close to its use-by date, and redistributed to those who need it. This helps underprivileged individuals and families and reduces food waste.
City Square Mall is one of Food Bank Singapore’s latest collection points for these food contributions from the public, more details below!

Singapore first eco-mall, City Square Mall, now has a new Food Bank Box for the public to donate their non-perishable and excess food items to the needy. Here are the details of the new Food Bank Box and how it helps both the underprivileged in Singapore as well do our part for the Earth.
Food Bank Box in City Square Mall
What is it: Public can donate their excess food (must be non-perishable, unopened and unused with at least 4 weeks of shelf life). 
Acceptable items: Canned food, dried food, preserved food, staples, snacks, condiments, non-refrigerated beverages
Location: Level 2, besides the Customer Service Counter (City Square Mall is located at 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539. near Farrer Park MRT station)
Why this helps the earth
We are often guilty of buying too much food or receive lots of snacks during Christmas which would otherwise be wasted when they are left to expire on our shelves at home. The Food Bank Singapore has set up a Food Bank Box at City Square Mall to collect these items which would then be shared with Family Service Centres, Soup Kitchens and other Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).
Interesting fact: Did you know 2180 tonnes of food are dumped every day? That’s the equivalent of 110 double decker buses!

Image and information courtesy of City Square Mall


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