SEC addresses food waste with its latest video

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) recently revealed this new video highlighting food waste in Singapore. More details below.

Singapore generated almost 800,000 tonnes of food waste last year. This means that if we had to load last year’s food waste into planes, we would need 1,420 Airbus A-380s to fit 796,000 tonnes of food waste. That’s a meal a day for every person in Singapore for an entire year.

While the problem is serious and is no laughing matter, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) wanted to strike a chord with as many Singaporeans as possible, releasing a light-hearted video recently.

Over the next few weeks and as part of our ENVision initiative, SEC will release another three more videos, focusing on environmental challenges like waste management, air quality and water conservation to encourage Singaporeans to make our Home, Community and City remain comfortable, endearing and environmentally sustainable through Care, Ownership and Responsibility.


ENVision is a series of public dialogue sessions initiated by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) to set a common vision and values for the environment based on the views and suggestions of Singaporeans. The exercise aims to engage participants from NGOs, schools, youths, private and public sectors, to the community, to provide their feedback and vision for the future of Singapore’s environment.

For more information about ENVision, please visit

About the Singapore Environment Council

Established in 1995, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is an independently managed, non-government organisation that nurtures, facilitates and co-ordinates environmental causes in Singapore. SEC’s work is founded on three pillars of action – Firstly, partnership with the people, private and public sectors of Singaporean society, to nurture a culture aligned with sustainable development concepts. Secondly, SEC rewards environmental excellence through awards schemes and product endorsement programmes, such as the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme. Thirdly, the SEC collaborates with partners to develop and implement training and learning programmes to build competencies in environmental sustainability within companies, thus keeping our business leaders ahead of the curve. Visit our website at

Image taken by elmada


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