Green Drinks: Developing the Sharing Economy in Singapore

Join us this month as we explore the sharing economy in Singapore – how it works, its progress and challenges here. Our speakers include Eugene Tay of the Sharing Economy Association (Singapore), Fenni Wang and Swito Yuber of Rent Tycoons, and Moh Hon Meng of BlockPooling.

We’d like to thank BBX for sponsoring finger food for this session, and HOST at Clarke Quay for sponsoring the venue. BBX is a premier trade exchange which provides a platform for businesses to barter products and services and move unutilised capacity as well as decrease downtime.

Here’s a bit more information about each organisation, and what they will be speaking about –

1) Sharing Economy Association (Singapore)
Eugene, the Association President, will give an overview of the sharing economy in Singapore. The Sharing Economy Association (Singapore) is a new business association that aims to connect companies and organisations involved in the sharing economy in Singapore, develop a vibrant and viable industry, help our members address challenges and explore opportunities, and raise public awareness on the sharing economy.

2) Rent Tycoons

Fenni and Swito, the Co-Founders of Rent Tycoons, will discuss the 3Rs of Rentrepreneurship: Resiliency, Responsiveness and Relationships. Rent Tycoons is the 1st online peer-to-peer rental marketplace of individually owned goods in Singapore. Today, there are over 1800 items available for rent. Rent Tycoons’ mission is to help people make money, save money and be green effortlessly via renting!

3) BlockPooling

Hon Meng, the Founder of BlockPooling, will share about the social network for neighbours. The idea is that when neighbours connect, many things can be shared and many opportunities and benefits created. Hon Meng has also co-founded other successful Internet businesses such, iFAST Financial, and

Date: 29 Oct 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm onwards
Venue: Host at Clarke Quay, 3E River Valley Rd, #02-04 Clarke Quay
Admission: Free but contributions accepted
RSVP: Facebook or email

We hope to see you there!

This session is hosted by Chris Tobias.

About BBX
BBX is a premier trade exchange established in Australia in 1993. The BBX business model revolutionises the way businesses manage cashflow by providing them a platform to barter products and services and move unutilised capacity as well as decrease downtime. Today, BBX’s alternative business marketplace is a network of 15,000 cardholders and it is the only trade exchange present in 11 countries.


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