Now Crowdfunding: Conscious Consumption Design Jam

Social enterprise Good for Us is crowdfunding for their upcoming event – Conscious Consumption Design Jam, to gather social and digital experts to brainstorm and prototype design ideas for sustainable consumer behaviour. Eleven days to go, please pledge generously! More details below!

Can you help fulfill the promise of conscious consumption?

You probably know that the brands we choose can impact the world for good or bad. Haze, climate change, pollution, they’re all connected to the companies we buy from.

Though information is out there, mainstream consumers rarely act on it, so it’s hard for companies to justify spending money on changing their ways.

Good for Us is organizing an event to change that: bringing together social and digital media experts to make more exciting to engage with the information on the impact of company’s on the world.

Can you spare $10 to $30 to help them put the event on and fulfill the promise of conscious consumption?

Over two days we will work together to generate and prototype breakthrough ideas on how we can make it simpler and more exciting for consumers to support companies that are doing the right thing: the right thing by their employees, by communities and by the environment.

Why a Design Jam? 

Digital and social media have proven to be hugely powerful platforms that have changed the way we live. Just ten years ago, who would’ve imagined that we’d be using our phones to check for “likes” on our status updates? It’s high time we applied these amazing technologies to make the most impact on the issues we care about.

This is why we’re bringing together digital designers, gamification experts, media artists to find innovative ways in engaging people to become conscious consumers. The power of social media and design could change conscious consumption as we see it today. The sky’s the limit.

Read more here and pledge today!

Image courtesy of Good for Us


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