Have you tried out the mPowerpad 2 yet?

In the sand Ultra_Pro copy

In 2012, the mPowerpad was voted one of Green Drinks’ top 10 green products for the year, and since, a more sleek and powerful version of this portable solar charger has been made available.

Early in the year, Third Wave Power launched the new and improved mPowerpad 2, which weighs only 500g, and is built for use in rough outdoor environments. Water- and dust-resistant, this device is meant for people who are constantly on the go, this comes with both an internal as well as a removable battery pack for extra energy mileage, and can be charged using the sun, USB, or wall.

According to its manufacturers, mPowerpad 2 is more efficient at capturing solar energy and has the capability to charge a smart phone 7 times over. Other than the ability to charge handheld devices, it includes features such as an insect repellent, SOS signal, light as well as radio.

This device is a great source of emergency back up power, and sustainable too. We’re sold!

Find out more about mPowerpad 2 at Third Wave Power.

Charging tablet 2

Images courtesy of Third Wave Power


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