Back GreenChamp bikes on Kickstarter!

If you are for sustainable design and sustainable living, and wish to support a startup with an eco product, consider backing a GreenChamp bamboo bicycle for kids on Kickstarter. Created for kids between the ages of 18+months and 5 years, GreenChamp Bikes is a balance bike which equips kids with the skills to ride a bicycle in coming years, and is a sustainable alternative to ones made from plywood, aluminium and plastic.

View the project on Kickstarter here, more details below!

GreenChamp Bikes is a kid’s balance bike for children 18+months to 5 years that is made from bamboo, aiming to build confidence in your child. We only use the best from what nature has to offer.

GreenChamp Bikes, a new and dynamic start-up, makes balance bikes for children from as young as 18+ months to 5 years, out of bamboo!

GreenChamp Bikes came about because of the founders’ belief that children’s toys should be made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials, to encourage parents to educate their children on the environment from a young age, in the hope that this will go a long way in providing them with a greener future. Besides its eco-friendliness, GreenChamp bamboo balance bikes are super durable, ensuring easy maneuvering for young kids who are first learning to ride a bike.

GreenChamp Bike is available on: for €110, SGD ~190, $150 from 13th June to 11th July.

GreenChamp bamboo balance bikes is the brainchild of Daniel and Sunny. Sunny went around the world on a solo expedition that spanned 6,123 km on his first handmade bamboo bicycle. After returning, he met his Dutch Cycling partner, Daniel, who shared the same passion for cycling, sustainability and bamboo.

After studying many children’s bikes, they saw many balance bikes already in the market that were not sustainable (e.g. made from plastic, ply wood and aluminum) and lacked the lightness and durability of bamboo. They spent 2 years at the drawing board and came up with a bamboo balance bike for young kids to bring the joy of riding a bamboo bike.

GreenChamp bike kids getting ready for bike ride

Here are some facts about GreenChamp Bikes:

1) Made from Bamboo, one of nature’s most renewable sources of raw material: it requires only sunlight and water and grows very fast, up to 1 meter a day!

2) Specially developed bamboo technologies: GreenChamp uses two specially developed technologies during production. Honey is infused into the bamboo fiber to prevent cracking. Also GreenChamp bike frames are double-walled, in which 1 bamboo is fused between 2 bamboo walls to ensure the durability of the bike. This also increases the bamboo frame strength by approximately 50%.

3) Smoothest ride possible for your child: Our nature-based joints and bamboo framework promotes the smoothest ride possible for your child, so no matter how they ride, the vibration dampening effects of our natural materials compliment their riding style for a glide-like feeling with maximum comfort.

GreenChamp Bikes on Kickstarter:

From 13th June to 11th July GreenChamp Bikes are offering their bikes for a special rate (€110) on

The GreenChamp Original

To make the GreenChamp bike even more personalized for your child, their name can be engraved for an additional €10. Daniel Heerkens, of GreenChamp Bikes hopes that “through the GreenChamp Bike, parents will be encouraged to educate their young children on the environment and provide their children with a greener future”.

Go to and sign up for the newsletter to be updated on the crowd funding campaign. For more information, like us at:

Images courtesy of GreenChamp


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