Let Elephants Be Elephants Campaign: Documentary airs tomorrow on Nat Geo channels

Green Kampong Co-founder Nadya Hutagalung has collaborated with elephant expert and best-selling author, Dr Tammie Matson, to co-found the Let Elephants Be Elephants (LEBE) campaign, a unique project to raise awareness of the connection between Asia’s growing consumption of ivory and Africa’s dwindling elephant population. This campaign aims to stop the demand for Ivory in Asia that is driving the poaching of the elephants. Today, almost 100 elephants are killed everyday in Africa.

The Let Elephants Be Elephants (LEBE) campaign urges the public to be conscious of the unlawful poaching of elephants, and participate in this movement to stop the demand for ivory by pledging their commitment to saying NO to ivory on the website www.letelephantsbeelephants.org and sharing the videos and facts on the website on their social networks. 

Let Elephants Be Elephants (LEBE) is produced by award-winning producer Ernest Hariyanto, and presents facts and findings that bust myths about where ivory comes from and changes mindsets about the ivory people buy and the true cost to the elephants. The programme premieres Wednesday, 7pm on 23 April on National Geographic Channel and Friday, 1030am on 25 April on National Geographic Wild.

Founded by regional TV personality Nadya Hutagalung and elephant expert and best-selling author Dr. Tammie Matson, the campaign starts with the launch of a half hour documentary which airs on National Geographic channels across Asia from 23rd April. This documentary delves deeply into looking for an answer to the question: Why are the world’s elephants disappearing? 
What they discover will shock viewers, but also inspire them to join the cause and say no to ivory, as they make the connection between Africa’s escalating poaching crisis and the growing demand for ivory in Asia. Recent studies suggest that many people do not know that ivory comes from poached elephants, and that elephants have to be killed to provide it. Source from an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) polling , with 70% surveyed in China state that they wouldn’t buy ivory once they knew the truth about how it is produced. And that is a key inspiration for LEBE.
Image courtesy of Let Elephants Be Elephants

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