The Westin Singapore’s limousines now powered by its own used cooking oil

Alpha Biofuels, The Westin Singapore and Wearnes International recently announced the launch of a laudable green initiative – A three year partnership where Alpha Biofuels will provide biodiesel to The Westin’s two Jaguar limousines, using the latter’s spent cooking oil. This is a first for any hotel in Singapore.

A micro refinery will soon be installed on the fifth floor of The Westin, but till then, its used cooking oil will be refined at Alpha Biofuels’ plant in Tuas. The hotel uses around 7,800 kg of cooking oil each year, which is expected to be just about enough to cover the approximate 150,000km distance travelled by their two limousines annually.

Over its life cycle, which includes material extraction to the point of disposal, Alpha Biofuels’ biodiesel is said by A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) to produce 65 per cent, or 4.11kg less green house gases when compared in equal parts to ultra low sulphur diesel. In addition, the 7 percent biodiesel/93 percent diesel composite will emit 95 per cent less particulate matter at the tail pipe.

For more information about this initiative, watch the CNBC interview here.

Green Luxury 1

Green Luxury 2

Photos courtesy of Alpha Biofuels


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