Let’s #KeepSGClean!

If you feel that living in a clean environment is important, join the Keep Singapore Clean Movement community via this Facebook app – www.keepsgclean.sg.

Organised by the Public Hygiene Council, Singapore Kindness Movement, Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement, and supported by National Environment Agency, the Keep Singapore Clean Movement encourages Singapore residents to keep the country litter-free, toilets clean and dry, and be mindful not to spread germs when ill.  Organisers are aspiring for Singapore to have a high standard of hygiene, like what is seen in Japan and South Korea, and Scandinavia.

Here is a video featuring the wonderful work that Waterways Watch Society does, in keeping Singapore’s waterways as free of litter as possible.

If you wish to make a difference and keep Singapore a clean and highly liveable city, join a litter-picking activity, or better yet, organise one! For more information, please visit http://www.publichygienecouncil.sg/, or get in touch with them by emailing admin@publichygienecouncil.sg.


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