Green event: The Nature Society (Singapore) & Young NTUC Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) on Green Spaces

The Nature Society (Singapore) and Young NTUC are collaborating on a wonderful event called Our Singapore Conversation on Green Spaces. This is a follow up to Our Singapore Conversation for the environment that was held early in the year. Please find more information below, sign up for this meaningful event if you wish to share your views!

The Nature Society (Singapore) & Young NTUC Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) on Green Spaces 

Date: 30 November (Saturday). Duration: 2.30 – 5.30pm
Venue: NTUC Centre, No.1 Marina Boulevard, Level 8 Room 801, One Marina Boulevard Moderator: Ms Faizah Jamal (Nominated MP)

Hi everyone who is concerned about the future of our green areas, landscape and environment!

So far the governmental committee for OSC has not conducted any conversation on the environment and the future of our remaining green areas, the shape of which is fundamental to the thrust for a liveable, loveable and sustainable Singapore. This, we are sure, is of great concern to every citizen and resident in this nation that is now subjected to ongoing and massive future development planned by URA.

On the people’s level, there has been only one Conversation, organized by a circle of green community groups on 19 January. The focus of that conversation was on a broad range of environmental issues ( green-community-summary-report/.)

Moving on from there, this session aims to focus on the specific issues pertaining to “green spaces”. A survey carried out by the Institute of Policy Studies, under the auspices of the official OSC committee, showed that 60% of Singaporeans would prefer “green spaces” over against the 19 % preferring infrastructural development, with the rest neutral (The Straits Times, 26 Aug 2013). However, there is an urgent need for clarity here.

The term “green spaces” as used in the survey is rather broad and vague for URA planning purposes. What are specifically the “green spaces” that the majority of people prefer? More of the usual manicured public parks? More nature parks with an emphasis on conserving wild greenery and its wildlife? More managed green areas for recreation like golf-courses, football, etc.? It is important that the term “green space” be clearly specified by the people so that national planning can proceed on the right track and be relevant to the people.

In this OSC session, we aim to gather people from a wide variety of sectors (professionals, heartlanders, students, sportsmen, etc.) to thrash out these issues.

If you are interested to attend the session, please register at by 26 November. Your attendance will be on an individual basis. For enquiries, please contact

If you wish to circulate this event to your friends, here is the Our Singapore Conservation on Green Spaces flyer.


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