Upcoming musical on 7 December: Care For My World


Care For My World is a new and innovative green education programme that teaches the young as well as seniors to Think, Act and Care for People and for Planet. They have organised a musical and educational show for children and their families, see below.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more details or to keep updated on their activities!

Care For My World is a fun filled musical and educational show for children and families. You will laugh, sing and learn as Brendon, Cathie and Pio Pio show you how you can make a difference to your environment, your habitat and to people in your world.

Brendon and his wife, Cathie have more than 30 years experience in child education, professional entertainment and music publishing. They have worked in Australia and a further 21 nations with some of the world’s largest and most successful children organisations and community groups. Having written over 200 songs and produced 11 albums, Brendon’s songs have touched many lives across the world and have people dancing, singing and celebrating life.

Pio Pio is the green mascot and ambassador for Care For My World. Being named after an extinct bird in New Zealand due to extensive deforestation, it constantly reminds us the need to build a more sustainable world to avoid such tragedy from happening again.

Join them in this entertaining and interactive programme as they encourage you to make good choices to help care for our planet, and for people, for now and for future generations. Get your tickets at Sistic here.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Your children will be empowered early on to take part in sustainability by helping them discover small ways they can take individual and group action to make a difference. As they become leaders of a sustainable future, they will be conscious of the fact that what they do with the Earth today does have consequences for their children and grandchildren.

Sustainability involves making conscious decisions about how one?s actions impact the environment, our community, and the world. This goes far beyond the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Moving towards a sustainable future involves a change in the way our society thinks and behaves. We all need to think about the choices we make each day. Brendon and Cathie, together with mascot Pio Pio, will show how kids can help out the earth and these methods help the environment and even save you money!

Family Bonding
Care For My World Show 2013 provides 60 minutes of family bonding time where kids and parents can laugh, sing and dance along with the fantastic songs and learn about how can they care for their world together. Because nothing is more sustainable than strong family connections, having fun with one another and making right choices together that make the whole family feel good.

Image taken from Care For My World


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