Upcoming talk: Uncloaking the Haze

The haze is the most vivid and longest-running environmental disaster facing Singapore.
Tan Yi Han has organised a session to share all about his eye-opening 5 weeks in Malaysia & Indonesia and the personal stories about the haze and fires that most people don’t know about. He has also invited 2 experts to give different perspectives on the issue.
Just a few weeks ago, Singapore endured its worst haze on record. Why after so many years, is the haze problem still so bad? Are we, the people of Singapore, really so helpless?

We warmly invite all who are concerned about the haze and want to do something about it to join us! We will present 3 different perspectives on what causes the haze and discuss what we can do to stop it!

Date: 29th July, Monday
Venue: NTUC Centre (One Marina Boulevard), Level 9, Room 903
7pm        Mingling & Registration
7.30pm  Presentation by Tan Yi Han
8pm        Presentation by Dr Liew Soo Chin
8.30pm  Presentation by Dr Jackson Ewing
9pm        Discussion
9.30pm  Official programme ends
Limited seats available! Invite your friends and family and register here to get a place!
Image taken from looyaa

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