Green Drinks: Mosquitoes and Dengue


Why is Singapore currently experiencing a dengue epidemic? How does the Aedes mosquito, as the dengue vector, behave? Why is it so difficult to eradicate?   Against the backdrop of the outbreak, research is critical for sense-making and identifying possible contributing factors to the current situation. Step behind the scenes with Associate Professor Ng Lee Ching to discover how Singapore’s dengue control programme utilises science to guide its operations. Find out why dengue is hitting harder this year, and what you can do to help stop transmission via this potent environmental threat.

Speaker’s Bio:


Assoc Prof Ng Lee Ching is Director of the Environmental Health Institute, an institute of the NEA and a World Health Organisation collaboration centre.  She graduated with a PhD from the Department of Microbiology, National University of Singapore and obtained further post-doctoral research training at the Umeå University, Sweden. With keen interest in translational research on infectious diseases, she spent the last 15 years enhancing laboratory capabilities for Singapore’s public health, understanding disease risk and transmission, and developing tools and strategies for mitigation of risks. Her effort has emphasised on the amalgamation of laboratory tools with field investigation and studies, and the translation of research output into operational strategies and policies. She has led teams that dealt with the anthrax scare in Singapore in 2001; contributed to the battles against SARS in 2003 and dengue outbreak in 2005; and played major roles in the detection and control of chikungunya transmission in 2008.

Join us for this exciting talk on:

Date: 31 July 2013 (Wednesday)

Time: 6.30pm – 9pm (talk will be followed by Q&A, then mingling)

Venue: Mariko’s,  4 Jiak Chuan Road Singapore 089261

From 6:30, join us for dinner and drinks and get to know others interested in green issues.   Programme will kick off a short while later, followed by Q&A, and more networking.

Pls RSVP at: if you can and plan to arrive early to make sure you get a spot.


3 thoughts on “Green Drinks: Mosquitoes and Dengue

  1. Dear Organiser,   The next meeting is in TBA. By the way, where is TBA?   Thank you.   Evelyn 90976800.


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