Eco Action Award 2013 and Eco Action Day

Ricoh is organizing an environmental event on Monday, July 29  from 1pm to 3.30pm at Mapletree Business Park on Pasir Panjang. This is a the post event ceremony of Eco Action Day, an energy conservation event in line with the World Environment Day.

Date: July 29, 2013
Time: 1.30pm – 3.30pm (1pm registration)
Venue: Mapletree business park (Pasir Panjang Rd), Multi-function hall
Registration: email with your name,
organization and position, telephone number and email address, including number of participants
For inquiries, participants can contact Masayo Hada at or 6830 5882.

In addition, Ricoh has organised Eco Action Award 2013, details below.

Celebrate the Eco Action Month with us and tell us what you did for your business/office/organisation. We are awarding companies/organisations/institutes/schools for their greenness this Eco Action Month!

Most Creative Action Award

(Retail, Education, Business, Companies)
For the most creative action the organization undertook during the **Activity Period

Most Inspiring Eco Award
For the best action the organization undertook to inspire related parties (customers/
vendors/staff/students) to act eco during the **Activity Period

Most Fun Eco Action Award
For the most engaging and fun eco action conducted during the **Activity Period.

Most Effort Eco Award
For the organization who puts in the most effort in greenness this **Activity period

Best Eco Practices Award
For the organization which regularly practices green in the company and involves staff to do so


**Activity Period: Mar – Jun 2013

(not applicable for Best Eco Practices Award only)


Submission Deadline: 15 July 2013

All winning organizations will receive a certificate and a plaque and a $100 voucher for the representative participant who submits the nomination for the organization. Merit award may be presented subject to Organiser’s discretion.

Email the team for more information at


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