TODAY: SEC launches environmental audit programme for schools

TODAY reports that the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) has come up with a simple audit programme for schools, where students are to inspect the green efforts of the schools and submit a report, which will then be verifed. SEC hopes that this will help instill green habits in the students, as well as assist the schools in improving upon their environmental efforts.

SEC launches environmental audit programme for schools

SINGAPORE – The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) today launched a simple environmental audit programme for schools, and hopes to get all primary and secondary schools and junior colleges on board by 2015.

Th Schools’ Green Audit Awards (SGAA) was launched in 2000 and was last held in 2010, where it received 272 submissions. It will be held on an annual basis from this year onwards, with a fine-tuned audit protocol.

There will four basic levels of awards – Palm, Hibiscus, Orchid and Lotus. An additional level – the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award – will be given to schools that have attained the Lotus Award three or more times consecutively. Past history records of attaining the Lotus Award will be counted as long as they are obtained consecutively.

Students will work in teams to audit their school and submit results together with a report on their environmental efforts. In order to verify claims, the SEC will conduct random site visits and request schools for supporting documents where necessary. The SEC will also provide suggestions for improvements to schools.

The deadline for submission is Sept 30.

“It is never too early to inculcate green habits and practices amongst our youth. This year, SEC fine-tuned the points-based self-audit system with the aid of external auditors, making it a more stringent albeit accurate reflection of the green efforts of schools,” said Mr Jose Raymond, Executive Director of the SEC. “If followed closely, participation in the SGAA can potentially bring tangible returns to schools in the form of lower water and electricity bills, as well as an increase in recycling rates.”

In addition, this year’s SGAA will see the addition of a new feature – the PUB ABC Waters Learning Trails.

For more information about the SGAA, visit

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