Channel NewsAsia: 16 companies receive 3R Packaging Awards

Channel NewsAsia recently reported that 16 companies, including Tetra Pak Jurong, were rewarded for their efforts of reducing packaging waste since the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) came into effect 5 year ago.

16 companies receive 3R Packaging Awards

SINGAPORE: Sixteen companies received the 3R Packaging Awards on Tuesday for their efforts in reducing waste from product packaging.

Companies recognised included Tetra Pak Jurong and Nestle Singapore.

They were honoured at the WasteMet Asia 2012 Networking Dinner, which is part of the inaugural CleanEnviro Summit Singapore.

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, presented the awards to the recipients.

The awards come at the end of the five-year Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA), which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of reducing packaging waste.

One hundred and thirty-nine companies signed the Agreement.

National Environment Agency (NEA), which initiated the agreement, said 10,000 tonnes of packaging waste have been saved since the SPA was signed.

This is equivalent to savings of about S$22 million.

NEA said this was made possible through various initiatives by companies ranging from reducing the size and thickness of packaging to switching to reusable packaging.

The second SPA, which commenced this month, has set targets for participating companies to achieve an annual packaging waste reduction of 6,500 tonnes by 2015.

The agreement also aims to increase the number of signatories to 315 by 2015.

Image from Triplice Cor


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