Green Drinks: Shared value partnerships – a business force for good

For the month of July, we have three sessions of Green Drinks! Kicking off this month, we have with us Tania Ellis, prize-winning author of The New Pioneers, a book looking at sustainability through social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The new business revolution is being driven both top-down from some of the world’s largest companies – and bottom-up from entrepreneurial activists and social change makers. With an accelerating convergence between what first-mover corporations are already doing, what mainstream companies are striving to do and what social entrepreneurs are showcasing in their field, there is a growing potential for fruitful ‘cross-fertilization’ through partnerships and upscaling of solutions. Who are already engaged in these kinds of “shared value partnerships”, what are the challenges & benefits?

In this session, she shares some of her findings and reflections on the state of shared value partnerships, as it looks right now, before having an open dialogue with the audience about their thoughts, personal experiences, and cases of shared value partnerships that they know of.

Date: 5 July (Thursday) 2012
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (talk will be followed by Q&A, then mingling)
Venue: The Hub, 113 Somerset Road

Do join us! We hope to see you there!

About Tania Ellis, The Social Business Company
Tania Ellis is a Danish-British prize-winning author, speaker and business innovator, specialized in social business trends and strategies.

Her internationally acclaimed book The New Pioneers was in 2010 listed on Cambridge’s Top 40 Sustainability Books, and has cemented her status as a global trend-spotter and thought-leader.

Tania Ellis’ expertise and hands-on involvement in blending economic and social value with business strategy and innovation has made her a popular inspirational speaker and strategic advisor with clients ranging from entrepreneurial companies to large international corporate brands.

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