Channel NewsAsia reports that LTA is making provisions for car buyers to make more informed decisions based on carbon emission ratings of cars.


SINGAPORE: Car buyers will soon get more information about the fuel efficiency and carbon emission ratings of their next purchase.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will launch on 1 July a new fuel economy label. This label will highlight the car model’s carbon emissions per kilometre, fuel consumption and relative carbon emission performance.

The label will also show the car branding under the upcoming Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle (CEV) scheme and corresponding rebate or surcharge. The idea is to encourage consumers to shift to more fuel efficient and lower carbon emission models.

The new label will have to be affixed on cars and light goods vehicles (LGVs) that have been approved from 1 July 2012 and are displayed for sale.

The new fuel economy label is one of three new initiatives the LTA is launching to help car buyers choose better fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions models.

LTA will also take over the administration of the Fuel Economy Labelling Scheme (FELS) from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Car buyers can also refer to new FELS brochures that will list the advantages of choosing fuel efficient cars, and learn more about the new fuel economy label, and the CEV scheme. These brochures will be available at all car showrooms and the ONE.MOTORING website from 1 July.

Also to be made available from next month will be a new FELS online database and fuel cost calculator on the ONE.MOTORING website. Consumers can use the online database and fuel cost calculator to select the car make, model and fuel type to check the estimated annual fuel cost for new models.

The carbon emission and fuel efficiency of the make or model will also be displayed. Users can compare the fuel costs and possible savings, as well as emissions level and fuel efficiency information of up to two different makes or models at any one time.

LTA said that as additional car makes and models are approved by them under the new FELS, information about the cars’ fuel efficiency and carbon emissions will be progressively added to the database.

LTA added that its takeover of the FELS will streamline the vehicle type approval process for motor traders by offering a one-stop centre for all vehicle type approval-related processes for cars and LGVs.

LTA’s group director for Vehicle and Transit Licensing, Colin Lim, said: “LTA’s aim is to help car buyers be more aware of the importance of carbon emission performance and fuel efficiency when buying a car.

“These measures will make such information more transparent and accessible to consumers. This will help buyers save money in terms of fuel costs and also reduce carbon emissions, which is in line with our objective of promoting an environmentally sustainable land transport system.”

Image taken from WSMCMarketing


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