UP Singapore from 15 June to 4 July

UP Singapore is an experiment in ground-up innovation through the creative use of technology and data to improve our urban environments. UP Singapore seeks to achieve high levels of diverse and active community participation and foster strong collaboration between different community, government, corporate and NGO groups. It is being organised by Newton Circus.

As part of UP Singapore, organisations from both the public and private sector will be sharing previously unavailable data sets, providing opportunities to learn, create value and discover possibilities for new open-data ecosystems and economies.

Over two weekends, through a unique series of exhibitions, lectures, and workshops at City Camp and an Urban Prototyping Weekend “hackathon”, UP Singapore will bring together the brightest thinkers, entrepreneurs, researchers, government employees, and engaged citizens in Singapore. Alongside a group of global innovators, we will collaborate, brainstorm, develop and prototype innovative solutions that will make our cities smarter, more efficient and simply better places to call home.

Data sets and ‘Urban Challenges’ will be provided by non-profits, government agencies and private sector companies in the following areas:

UP Singapore will culminate at the 2012 World Cities Summit in Singapore. Leading projects from the weekends will be showcased in partnership with Singapore’s Economic Development Board at the “Data-Centric City for the Future” Pavilion. These projects will also be candidates for further development and funding of up to S$250,000.

Find out how to contact the relevant people here.

Image taken from UP Singapore


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