9 June: Outdoor Screening of OCEANWORLD

Our friends at WWF Singapore have organised an outdoor documentary screening, do check it out!

Our oceans are amazing! As the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe, oceans are our largest carbon sink and help to regulate the climate. Healthy oceans are important – they are a major source of food and provide livelihoods for 200 million people through the fishing and tourism industries.

However, our oceans are in a state of global crisis. Overfishing, habitat destruction and climate change are putting the future of our marine resources at stake. We need to act immediately to save our seas.

8 June is World Oceans Day. Let’s celebrate our ocean’s diversity and richness, and spread the message to love our oceans.

WWF invites you for the first public screening of OCEANWORLD. Be wowed  by the beauty of our oceans, and inspired to take action to protect this fragile ecosystem.
Date:    Saturday, 9 June 2012
Venue: East Coast Park, Dalbergia Green
(Nearest Carpark: D1 and C4)
Location map
Time:   6.30PM (screening starts from 7.30PM)
The screening is open to everyone so come along with your family and friends. Bring your picnic mat and basket to enjoy the sea breeze and sunset at Singapore’s most popular coastal park.
Seafood Guide (open) image
Make your picnic an ocean-friendly one. Choose sustainable seafood that are harvested responsibly – useWWF Singapore Seafood Guide to help you make the right choice.
Come check out the WWF booths at the event to learn about our marine conservation programme.
Visit wwf.sg for more details.

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