The Grandest Peranakan Wedding

Our friends at Ground-Up Initiative have organised a carnival and party mid-June, please see below for the details!

Do you like to learn more about Straits Settlements (Peranakan) culture and feast on Perankan Foods?

If yes, The Grand Finale of Heritage Kampung will be from 9 to 16 June, with a carnival and the Grandest Peranakan Wedding Party on 16 June 2012 (Sat) from 6pm – 10pm.

All members of the Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) team are working very hard to make the Heritage Kampung a success.

From the start, one of the VERY main reasons why we planned and ran this Heritage Kampung is to demonstrate that Bottle Tree Park (BTP) serves not only the leisure and recreation purpose but also have a greater value for the community with social and education benefits.  Therefore this is the time for us to really demonstrate that BTP together with GUI can transcend beyond the commercial intention and serve the community.

We need your support now to attend the dinner party and also help spread to your friends, contacts and other companies.

Please note that the dinner is not fund raising for GUI expenses but rather to cover the operating cost of the Wedding Party show.  For other part of Heritage Kampung, we raised funds through part support from NHB and workshops, etc.  Of course, we are still in need of funds so every bit helps.

Just in case you are not familiar with the Heritage Kampung – we are featuring 5 Pioneering Heroes – Lim Nee Soon, Tan Kah Kee, Mohd Eunos, P.Govindasamy Pillai, and Edwin Tessensohn.

As Bottle Tree Park is located in Nee Soon and Nee Soon was a Peranakan, we are closing the Heritage Kampung with the Grandest Peranakan wedding party.

About the Grandest Peranakan Wedding-
About Heritage Kampung & GUI –
For those who wish to book your dinner seat, please contact the following:
– Yin Xiao –
– Joyce –

Thank you very much and this is the time that GUI & BTP really needs your support in every sense.  As of now, we are not sure about the future of our space at BTP but we are working very hard to ensure that our effort will be noticed by the government and the society.

The time is NOW…


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