40 for 40: A Rainforest Rehabilitation

Qi Global have organised a small fundraiser and launch party, more details below.

You are invited to have a drink with us and party on the rooftop at “40 for 40: A Rainforest Rehabilitation”! 

According to WWF, over 50% of Borneo’s rainforest has been wiped out. Your donation of $40 will not only give you access to a rooftop party with one drink, but it will also reforest the jungles of Borneo by planting 40 seeds. Our target is to plant 4,000 seeds together as a community by the end of the night! 

Come and do your part! RSVP at www.amiando.com/urban

See you there!
PS  It’s also the end of 100 days in Borneo of the Eco Warriors, a group of 11 individuals from around the world (Singapore included!) who have spent 3 months in the forest; the film is being shot by Cathy Henkel. Trailer here: http://anactionmovie.com/teaser-trailer


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