The Straits Times: Heritage Society puts out its position paper on Bukit Brown

The Singapore Heritage Society has prepared a position paper on Bukit Brown and circulated it to the media last night. To view the position paper, see here.

Heritage Society puts out its position paper on Bukit Brown

The Singapore Heritage Society stands firm on wanting the Bukit Brown Cemetery to be preserved fully as a heritage park, it said in a position paper released late on Saturday night.

In its position paper, found at, and Facebook note, found here, it added it was ‘deeply disappointed’ with the government’s decision to continue with a road through a corner of the historic burial ground, and decried the lack of genuine public consultation before both zoning and road-building decisions were made: ‘SHS regrets there was no consultation prior to the decision, and urges the government to consider alternatives that would not destroy the heritage value in the cemetery.’

The 223-hectare cemetery, which is slated for residential use under the 2001 URA Concept Plan, is the resting place of notable migrants like Cheang Hong Lim and Chew Joo Chiat.

The society’s paper argues that it is not only the graves, but also cultural practices like rituals and offerings, which will be lost should they be exhumed for development.

It recommended the cemetery be gazetted as a heritage site and turned into a heritage park, that the graves be documented fully, and suggested that the government look at best practices of historic cemeteries and heritage parks such as Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts, and the Saints Innocents Cemetery in Paris.


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