The Straits Times: Development of Bukit Brown Cemetery will proceed as planned

The Straits Times published this news story on Friday, about the government’s decision to go ahead with the 8-lane highway through Bukit Brown Cemetery. We are terribly disappointed about their choice of building a highway over conserving a space rich in heritage and biodiversity.

Development of Bukit Brown Cemetery will proceed as planned

The Government will go through with the building of a controversial road across Bukit Brown Cemetery, suggested Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan-Jin in a Facebook post on Friday.

An exercise to document some 5,000 graves there that could be affected by the new road is almost complete, he shared, adding: ‘The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will also use the findings from the documentation exercise to fine-tune the road alignment so as to reduce the impact on the graves.’

The dual four-lane carriageway, plans for which were announced last September, is meant to ease congestion on Lornie Road. Construction of the road will begin next year.

The Bukit Brown site as a whole is slated for redevelopment, though heritage and environment civic groups are pushing for its conservation.

In his blog post, Mr Tan noted that it can potentially house 15,000 homes for around 50,000 residents, or 40 per cent of the homes in Toa Payoh town.

‘These are homes for many many Singaporeans,’ he said.

He implied, too, that development plans would also go ahead, adding: ‘Let’s see how we can develop Bukit Brown in the interim, to make it more accessible to visitors, even as we maintain its rustic charm.’


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