Green Drinks in the news

Green Drinks was featured in The Straits Times over the weekend, in a column about what civil activists hope for in 2012.

This year, we are launching the SaferSkin campaign, which raises awareness of toxins in personal care products and cosmetics. In the process, we will be promoting the use of natural and organic skincare products.

We are currently building our website, but our Facebook and Twitter page for this campaign is already live. Do lend us your support in getting the message out! We hope to reach 100,000 people through our social media platform alone, during the year-long campaign. Our other goal for the year is to see that Bukit Brown is conserved, and redeveloped into a space which everyone can visit, instead of a road.

We would like to see the government conduct an environmental impact assessment before they proceed, and are working with Nature Society (Singapore), Singapore Heritage Society, and special interest groups to raise more awareness in the importance of conserving Bukit Brown. A possible name for the space is Bukit Brown Heritage Park, which has been used by some special interest groups so far.

Do pay a visit to Bukit Brown if you haven’t already. It’s a magical space that is better used for recreation, not demolition.

Happy 2012 from Green Drinks Singapore! We wish you the best year ahead, and hope to see you soon.

Straits Times (1 Jan 2012)

Featured image taken by NS Newsflash


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