i Light Marina Bay is back in 2012

Sustainable light festival i Light Marina Bay is back for a second year in March 2012.

Organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in collaboration with Smart Light Singapore, the upcoming edition features 30 art installations located around Marina Bay, using LED lighting to the theme of “Light Meets Asia”. The festival spans just over three weeks, from 9 March to 1 April.

Curated by Festival Director Mary-Anne Kyriakou, Charmaine Toh and design studio, FARM, the event includes artists from a mix of nationalities across Asia. Some local artists include Olivia Lee, Ryf Zaini, and Edwin Tan.

Olivia Lee, 26, who is using vertical axis wind turbines in her design,  explained that she was fascinated by how her art work could power itself.

“I did my research and looked at windmills, dynamos and generators, and stumbled upon verticle axis wind turbines. I found that there is a movement of people actually going around doing very tangible interventions towards trying to be more sustainable. For me it was very relatable because I could understand them building this and contributing energy back the way they used it.”

And on how her design then evolved,

“So the Verticle Axis Wind Turbines came about, and so I thought, there are more than one way to create something to capture wind. What I loved about it was the structure; we tend to think of windmills as propellers, and this one is very neat and has a lot of parallels with lanterns. Because of the theme being Light meets Asia, I thought, ‘what if I could make the turbine glow in the main design?’ so it would be this spinning, glowing lantern,” she said.

To stay updated on the event, “like” their page on Facebook page, and for more information, visit http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg.

Five of 30 artists presenting their art installations (from left: Takahiro Matsuo, Olivia Lee, Olivia d'Aboville, Li Hui, Ryf Zaini)

Olivia Lee's FLOW

Ryf Zaini's 5QU1D

Takahiro Matsuo's White Rain

Wiyoga Muhardanto's Tangible Gallery

Martin Bevz & Kathryn Clifton's Immersion

Li Hui's The Gate

Olivia d'Aboville's Coral Garden

Dev Harlan's Parmenides I

Edwin Tan's enLIGHTenment

Images courtesy of Urban Redevelopment Authority

One Response to “i Light Marina Bay is back in 2012”
  1. Nigel G says:

    I believe uncle Ken is doing the Sustainability consultancy??

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